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Khushi Baby made its pride debut at Fortune's Brainstorm Health Conference, 2016

2019-07-23 01:31:08 Industry


Khushi Baby, a Mobisoft Infotech clientele startup, has given a demonstration at the Fortune's Brainstorm Health Conference 2016, which was held on 2nd November in San Diego.

Fortune's Brainstorm Health Conference is being held to introduce innovative and revolutionary leaders bringing up new technologies with their brainstorming ideas in the field of Health industry. Khushi Baby has successfully made its way towards the conference in San Diego, California.

It is a gratifying moment for Khushi Baby to get featured in the 2016 Fortune Brainstorm Health Conference. The focusing point of this conference is to introduce innovative ideas for providing better medical solutions at lower cost. A huge range of devices has been demonstrated at the conference, whereas Khushi Baby has come up with the most ingenious application and IoT.

Khushi Baby has enlisted the help of Mobisoft Infotech as a consulting partner to design and develop their mobile application. Over the course of this process, the two companies have worked together closely to create a quality project that both teams can be extremely proud of.

As a complete healthcare solution provider, Mobisoft Infotech has grown up exceptionally well. Having a team of HIPAA certified professionals, the company has focused on providing top-notch healthcare solutions with increased accessibility and availability of information. Their suite of applications are focused on reinforcing patient-oriented care that eventually helps in providing better patient lifecycle management.

Mr. Ruchit Nagar, CEO and Co-Founder of Khushi Baby, says that half a million young children die annually from diseases that could easily be cured with vaccinations. In some cases, either mothers have forgotten or lost their child’s medical identification or the medical workers don't have adequate solutions to monitor the vaccines scheduled for children.

Ruchit Nagar has taken inspiration from the Indian rural areas and has given a new direction to the medical treatments and the way vaccinations can be made easily available to the children of different villages.

Khushi Baby is an easy concept, where one can monitor and keep a track of mother and child health care. It works within an application and a wearable necklace. The application has been designed using simple graphical user interface, whereas the wearable necklace carries mother and child's entire medical history. The medical history inclusive of all the vaccinations given to them before and after the childbirth.

In the conference, while demonstrating, he also added that Khushi Baby application and the wearable necklace will provide better direction to keep a track and record of the child's medical history. With the help of Khushi Baby application and the IoT necklace, medical workers can now monitor the required vaccinations of each and every child. The durable and waterproof necklace works on NFC chip which does not require any battery.

About Khushi Baby:
Khushi Baby means “Happy Baby” that allows a mother and her child to wear their medical history for the first time. Founded by Ruchit Nagar in March 2014, it has come up with an ingenious idea of providing a wearable necklace to the mother and child that covers their entire medical history. They have integrated wearable NFC technology along with the mobile health and cloud computing to provide a better medical solution at lower cost. It can also be considered as patient id in simpler terms that can be carried and managed with no hassles.

About Mobisoft Infotech:
Mobisoft Infotech is a product development and consulting services organization that has partnered with numerous startups and businesses of all sizes. Mobisoft Infotech believes in building, growing and improving together. The firm has developed multiple web applications, mobile applications, and IoT across several platforms. Within the span of 7+ years, they have worked with over 100+ global tech startups and looking forward in a similar direction of providing better mobility solutions. They follow a fully-developed strategy of analyzing, developing, designing, optimizing and testing applications.

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