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Meghana Gaonkar steals the show at Jain University’s Elina 2.0

2021-09-16 05:48:03 Education


Embellished by the stars from the Kannada Film Industry, Elina 2.0 the cultural cum management festival organized by Urvi—the postgraduate student forum of School of Commerce Studies, Jain University—was a huge success among the students and participants. At Elina 2.0, Jain University’s students had their day in the limelight when film stars Meghana Gaonkar and Praveen Tej invited students on stage to waltz with them.

Siddarth M Sadashiv, the President of Urvi was among the lucky ones to be invited on stage by Meghana. “Amidst the bustle of organizing an event of such magnitude, it was a nice experience to share stage with her. But apart from that one lighter moment, I learnt a lot about crowd management and time management while organizing this event,” said Siddarth.
Meghana, alumnus of Jain University, won the hearts of the audience by effortlessly switching between Kannada and English on demand. “It is a privilege to be back here at the University; I am also a Jain University product,” she said.

The management competitions added a whiff of intrigue to the proceedings as they were based on the theme “Supervillains”. Categories like Best Manager, The Riddler, and Scam Solver generated genuine interest in the contestants, as they had bit of the unknown in them. Daksha Hubli, one of the coordinators of the event was excited by the response Elina 2.0 evinced among the student community in Bangalore. “Almost thousand students from twenty colleges in Bangalore participated in the various competitions of the festival. We got almost eighteen colleges participating in the ‘Cooking without Fire’ event alone,” she said.

Madhu Kesarkar, first-year postgraduate student at Jain University, was impressed by the treasure hunt organized by Escape Hunt. “It is the first time in Bangalore that the Escape Hunt team is conducting such an event in a college. The whole concept was exciting as the contestants had to escape from a locked room and then search for clues to solve the mystery,” she said. “Other than that, I was also able to connect with a lot of students from different colleges in Bangalore. Interacting with them was really fun,” she added.

Vijaya College, Bangalore, turned out to be the overall winners of Elina 2.0.

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