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The Law Offices Of Cummings & Franck, P.C. Offering Top Class Representation In Sexual Harassment Cases

2019-06-22 12:37:02 Legal / Law


A leading employment law firm in Southern California, the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C., is a vision of Scott Cummings and Lee Franck. The firm is providing excellent representation to employees subjected to sexual harassment at work.

Finding justice for employees who have been denied their rights in the workplace is what the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. – an employee law practice, does best. Calling Gardena, California as home, the employee law practice has proven credentials in handling all employee cases – be it wrongful termination, sexual and other forms of harassment, unlawful discrimination, labor code violations, breach of contract or unlawful retaliation. The Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. approaches each case with the attention and dedication it deserves, which speaks for the employee law practice’s tremendous record of accomplishments.

With the intent to offer insight into the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C., one of its attorneys recently stated, “A vision of two competent attorneys, we stand tall as top choice for employees suffering at the hands of their employers or fellow workers. Our team of seasoned and self-motivated attorneys have represented employee against some of the largest corporate defense firms in America. Accordingly, our lawyers have obtained multiple trial verdicts, arbitration awards and settlements for our clients.”

Founders - Scott Cummings and Lee Franck have dedicated their entire careers to ensure justice for employees whose rights have been bypassed in favor of businesses. Apparently, they are some of the most successful employment lawyers in Los Angeles area, who are ever willing to stand up for the rights of employees throughout Southern California. In fact, most employment law practices provide representation to employers as well as employees. However, the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. only represents employees. The firm never defends employers accused of violating employee rights. Moreover, the employee law practice offers services on no recovery no fee basis.

Offering some insights on the quid pro quo sexual harassment representation on offer, the attorney further stated, “Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a supervisor uses their position to make unwanted sexual advances toward a subordinate employee. In such cases, the employee needs the services of a seasoned and competent sexual harassment attorney who can make it stop. Since the time to file a lawsuit in sexual harassment cases is limited, the employee should contact an attorney as soon as possible.”

With years of experience and familiarity with laws governing the situation, attorneys at the Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. can be of great help. The firm’s attorneys have experience in determine whether the facts support a lawsuit. It can be difficult to prove that an employee was sexually harassed, or that there was an unlawful hostile work environment, so an employee should retain an attorney who knows how to prove a case. The best employment law firm has attained favorable verdict in numerous sexual harassment cases in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. The Law Offices of Cummings & Franck, P.C. has helped a several victims of sexual harassment get compensated for the sexual harassment they were forced to endure.

About Law Offices of Cummings & Frank P.C.:
The Law Offices of Cummings & Frank P.C. is a celebrated employment law firm based in Gardena, California. Over the years, it has been representing employees subjected to wrongful termination, sexual and other forms of harassment, unlawful discrimination, labor code violations, breach of contract and unlawful retaliation. No wonder, an increasing number of individuals looking for sexual harassment lawyer prefer to go with Cummings & Franck P.C.

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