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Eco-Beauty Organics Announces Addition of New Anti-Aging Product – Happy Aging Body Lotion

2021-12-01 07:06:39 Health and Fitness


This all new product comes to Eco-Beauty Organics from the renowned and respected Martina Gebhardt line of natural skin care products. This highly advanced, all natural body lotion is carefully formulated to fulfill the needs of women who are over 40. The lotion contains additional ingredients for extra moisturizing power needed for aging and mature skin.

Happy Aging Body Lotion is formulated using only the finest ingredients. Ingredients include skin smoothing oils derived from plants like shea butter, grape seeds, cocoa seeds and olive fruit. The entire line is enriched with botanical extracts and Spagyric Essences, which makes the entire product line unique.

This finely crafted body lotion is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace elements and plant bio-actives, all of which contain anti-aging powers. The lotion is designed to smooth, refresh, relax and moisturize the skin. In addition, with regular use, Happy Aging Body Lotion can help to protect the skin’s balance, revitalize vibrancy, improve elasticity and strengthen the natural protective powers of the epidermis.

Some of the key ingredients in Happy Aging Body Lotion include:

Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter – These skin-friendly emollients are highly valued in anti-aging skin care. They protect skin from moisture loss, smooth stretch marks, soothe skin irritations, protect against damage from sun and are reputed to create a silky-soft feel on the skin.

Grape Seed (Vitis Vinifera) Oil and Extract - Valuable ingredients that are proven in anti-aging skin care. They contain potent levels of polyphenols and anthocyanins. These compounds are reputed to have exceptional antioxidant and cell-protective qualities.

Cat’s Claw (Uni Gato) - Has received worldwide recognition for the ability to activate the body's self-healing system and counteract cell aging.

Water Lily Extract - A soothing, skin calming botanical extract. It supports the skin’s moisture binding capacity, thereby maintaining optimal moisture levels in the epidermis.

Spagyric Essences – These essences are alchemically prepared remedies produced using an ancient art of obtaining the healing higher energies of plants and metals. Spagyric metal essences of gold, silver and sulfur are reputed to promote cleansing, regeneration, rejuvenation and radiance.

About Eco-Beauty Organics

Eco-Beauty Organics is a woman-owned online retail and wholesale business based in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA. They specialize in holistic and ecological minded products which are effective, safe and eco-friendly. The company is dedicated to bringing authentic, natural and organic skin care products of the finest quality to discerning buyers around the United States.

In addition to women’s skin care products, the company features a wide range of other products including baby care products, shaving products for men, wellness products, relaxing music and gifts, each handpicked by Eco-Beauty Organics to fit with their holistic and eco-conscious mission.

Eco-Beauty Organics is proud to feature the product line of Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik, a top skin care collection featuring certified biodynamic and organic qualities. Eco-Beauty Organics chose Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik products as a centerpiece in their offerings, as conventional, store-bought skin care products tend to be formulated with chemicals as their main ingredients. Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik’s entire product line features the highest grade natural ingredients which are derived using biodynamic cultivation techniques or are sourced from certified organic farms and producers. This focus on quality ingredients has allowed Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik to maintain a trusted reputation with consumers and skin care professionals alike for skin friendly, planet friendly, supremely effective products and Eco-Beauty Organics could not be more thrilled to feature this brand. This line has received the prestigious Demeter® eco-label.

About the Eco-Beauty Organics Web Site

The web site at is optimized to bring the eco-conscious consumer the highest quality choices available in organic and eco-friendly skin care products for women, babies and men. The website features an easy to use, secure shopping cart and an advanced product search tool. Products are categorized by type and also skin condition, to make it as easy as possible to find products specifically for any type of skin.

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