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New Easy To Use Culinary Food Torch Now Available at

2019-08-14 11:35:57 Business


” Luxury Panache, providers of versatile home products and committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service, proudly announces its latest must-have kitchen accessory, the [Kitchen Food Torch] . This highly versatile and compact food torch is designed for ease of use and safety in homes as well as to withstand the rugged demands of a commercial kitchen. Home cooks of any skill level and take their food preparation to the next level using a culinary food torch. Professional chefs will enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use of this well designed torch.

Fueled by butane gas, the durable and affordable culinary torch has many creative uses around the kitchen. Commonly used for caramelizing sugar on top a delicious cr¨me brl©e, the versatile torch performs a myriad of other functions in preparing both sweet and savory dishes. It can be used to brown marshmallows for a fun s'mores treat, glaze a baked ham for Easter or any special occasion, perfectly brown meringues for mouthwatering tarts or pies, roast sweet bell peppers or spicy jalapenos, toast a bread crumb topping for salads or casseroles, or heat Grand Marnier or any other liqueur to pour over a tasty fruit compote. The applications are endless and limited only by one's imagination.

Luxury Panache's handy and safe culinary food torch offers the following features and benefits:

Compact and durable size is convenient for working in close quarters

Easy to use on/off switch and gas flow regulator provides consistency

Air flow control valve for easy temperature adjustment and flame selector

Trigger ignition button for precise control

Safe locking device to prevent accidental use

Sturdy stand base to hold torch upright when not in use

Flame guard for extra protection

Easy access butane gas filling hole Luxury Panache's innovative culinary food torch is available exclusively at If not satisfied with the performance of the product, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee on all sales. Shipping is free on all orders over $35 and for Prime customers.

Company :-Luxury Panache

User :- Joan Houghton


Phone :-44 -786-7434852

Mobile:- -

Url :-!blog/caox


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