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Artists Start Crowdfunding Campaign For Comic About Killer Doughnuts

2019-06-15 12:25:49 Art & Entertainment


Melbourne, Florida - “Demon Doughnuts” is a dark comic comedy about evil doughnuts that come to life and terrorize bad people, is filled with laughs, blood and guts and, of course, jelly doughnuts. Featuring Froster, the leader, a chocolate frosted doughnut with hooks for hands, two peg legs and an eye patch, along with a full cast of other potentially lethal pastry, the creators are seeking to raise funding for their publication on Kickstarter.

“The series is an unrelenting story of horror filled with gags, action, straight up raunchy behavior and raspberry jelly,” says Jake Estrada “By the time readers are done with this book, they are going to want to grab a baker’s dozen.”

The campaign is offering doughnut-themed rewards for backers, ranging from $5 to $1,200. The $5 level, called “The Plain Cake” gets backers access to a Doughnut Demons screensaver, their name in the "Thank You" credits on the Doughnut Demons website and a digital download of comic’s first issue.

Other levels include the Old Fashion Jelly for backers at the $10 level, which also includes a printed copy of the first issue, the Baker’s Dozen at $13, which adds an 11x17 signed print of the Doughnut Demons poster and the Boston Creme at the $25 level, which adds a Doughnut Demons t-shirt.

The creators are calling a $50 pledge “With Sprinkles.” It adds a signed and numbered print of an original sketch and includes the delivery of a dozen doughnuts—not supernatural—delivered to the backer’s home or workplace.

There are three levels of limited availability pledges, the Creme Filled Powder Sugar for $300, the Creme Filled Chocolate Glazed for $700 and the Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Frosting, Jelly Filled With Rainbow Sprinkles for $1,200. At the first level, which is limited to just six rewards, the backer will have a character created in his or her likeness for the first issue. “Sadly your character will die at the hands of the Doughnut Demons,” the creators wrote.

At the Creme Filled Chocolate Glazed for $700, which is limited to four rewards, backers can have a character resembling them created, as well, and the character will even survive the first issue. The character will die in the second issue, though.

For those looking to make a longer-lasting impact, the reward at the $1,200 level will allow a character created in their likeness to become a recurring part of the comic. That reward is also limited to just four.

“We wanted to do something special for people who support us,” the creators said. “And having a character created and then killed at the hands of the Doughnut Demons seemed perfect.”

More information about the Kickstarter campaign is available at . More information about Doughnut Demons and the creative team behind the comic is available at and

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