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Brainy Child Montessori, Singapore, Provides Quality Preschool Education to Singaporean Children

2019-07-05 08:06:12 Education


Brainy Child Montessori, the leading Singapore based kindergarten preschool, runs several full and half-day programmes to provide quality preschool education to Singaporean children.

Still to take their first lessons, tiny tots are quite inquisitive by nature and hence, they crave for care, quality instruction, and attention at all times. Committed to provide quality preschool education to Singaporean children, Brainy Child Montessori has now become a preferred destination for Singaporean parents who cannot afford to settle down on anything less than the best education delivered to their children. The kindergarten preschool offers several meticulously designed full and half-day programmes to bring out the best in children. The programmes on offer conform to a multi-age setting; thus, ensuring creative, intellectual, social, and overall development of children.

Providing brief insight into ways Brainy Child Montessori provides quality preschool education to Singaporean children, a senior faculty member commented, “children do crave for the right kind of learning environment that could handle their innocent queries and provide them the kind of exposure, which is so vital for their overall growth. At Brainy Child Montessori, our trained faculty is doing sterling job in making it possible for Singaporean parents to inculcate right values in their children. Our strong adherence to Montessori curriculum benefits children by helping them realize a substantial academic improvement in their mannerism and knowledge.”

Conveniently located in the heart of Singapore, Brainy Child Montessori has made giant strides in recent years to witness a substantial growth in the number of students who are receiving quality education here. Singaporean parents can register their children to a bevy of half-day and full day programmes running on weekdays and weekends as well. While the weekend programmes focus on teaching Montessori Math, Japanese language, and English Phonics to children, the weekday Montessori programmes allow children to be a part of workgroups and do different activities to feel the sense of togetherness.

The senior faculty member at Brainy Child Montessori stated further, “At Brainy Child Montessori, we do understand the fact that it is difficult for parents to imagine a day without their children before they enroll them to a preschool. For such parents, our Mom & Tot Program serves as a huge bonus as it allows parents to be with their children and be present there in the class while the children learn new things in a fun way.”

The nursery school has a highly dedicated teaching faculty that flaunts years of experience and expertise in inculcating a desire to learn in tiny tots and satiating their inquisitive minds with proper solutions. Thus, for such reasons, Brainy Child Montessori is the best nursery school in Singapore, which is sure to reach new highs in the years to come.

About Brainy Child Montessori:

Based in Orchard Road, Singapore, Brainy Child Montessori is one of the best preschools that follows the Montessori curriculum to provide quality education to Singaporean children. The nursery school further runs a slew of full and half-day programs, wherein children get the kind of instruction, information, care, and exposure that they always desire and deserve. Since the nursery school commits itself to provide children with the right kind of exposure to children in their formative years, it has become a preferred destination for parents who are looking for best childcare center in Singapore.

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