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Toenail Surgery and Infected Toenail Treatment

This is a video of an ingrown toenail surgery in our clinic from start to finish. After numbing the toe, the edges are removed to give the best cosmetic result and a chemical is applied to prevent them from returning. This video contains graphic content, minors please obtain parental consent before viewing.

The Vandenbos action is not frequently performed, with alone a few United States surgeons administering the awful invasive and annihilative procedure. The attach is larboard absolutely untouched, about allotment of the toe is removed on anniversary ancillary of the nail. Toenail anaplasty is generally the best advance of analysis to accomplish abiding that an ingrown toenail is advised at its basis cause, preventing any recurrences of the condition. Although there are abounding ingrown toenail remedies which can be undertaken at home, in abounding cases they alone affluence the symptoms, rather than action continued abiding correction.

For abounding people, ingrown toenail surgeryis the recommended option, with home treatments accomplished for abatement the affection and pain, but rarely advantageous as a continued appellation analysis option. Ingrown toenails generally analysis due to an aberrancy in the analysis of the toe and nail, a action which is usually inherited. The analysis of the toe and the attach bed makes ingrown toenails all but a authoritativeness for some people, with abbreviate appellation treatments abatement the botheration but rarely acclimation the action for long.

In such cases, anaplasty is appropriate to abolish the behind allotment of the attach to stop it from growing into the skin. A sliver of the attach is removed, active from the tip to the base. This anon eases the burden on the skin, and will stop affliction and swelling. About in adjustment to ensure that the action does not return, allotment of the attach bed itself is destroyed.

With the attach bed partially destroyed, the ingrown toenail is absurd to return. The address has been apparent to be awful effective; about the invasive attributes has appear beneath ample criticism for abrogation the toe accessible to austere infection. Over 600 patients accept benefitted from the analysis after any recurrence; about the action appears a little barbaric, and will yield appreciably best for a abounding accretion than a simple actinic cauterization of the attach matrix.

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