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Fun Girl Games Help Girls Expand Their Possibilities

Young girls are known to have great imaginations. Girls these days know they are not limited in what they can imagine or wish for. Rather, they understand that there are few limits to what they can accomplish in this world.

One way girls use their imaginations is to play fun girl games. For a great many girls, finding inspiration for these games isn't a problem. From the television and school, to books and family, girls can easily take a tiny seed of an idea and grow a whole game that surrounds it.

Much like sequels follow the release of a popular movie, girls like playing games that put them right in the action of all their favorite movies and tv shows. From being a princess to living with their own zoo, girls can explore the roles they like the most over and over again. They can change up the beginning, middle, or ending of a movie or television show to reflect what they want to happen and use that to continue with the game.

I love animals and I want to be a princess when I grow up, grins five year old Kimberly Mays. I play a lot of games where I am the princess and I am saving my brother who is the wild animal.

As they get older, the games girls play tend to become even more sophisticated. They might pull elements of several different influences into their play. This often gives their play a depth that can be staggering due to how complex it is. Characters from books are likely to make an appearance in the fun girl games.

Meriette Wiesel explains: I have many favorite characters in my books. I like to pretend that I am certain people out of my books. My sisters and I have lots of adventures that the people in my books don't even have!

Some girls even go so far as to make costumes and props based on the things that catch their eyes from their favorite movies, books, or tv shows. These can range from furniture to period clothing depending on the girls' interests and skill levels. If there is an adult in the house that is willing to help and encourage the girls when they are playing their games, there really is no limit to the possibilities that girls can think of when it comes to making up their very own fun girl games.

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