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Adventurers Wage the Fight of Their Lives

Living the life of an Adventurer is great. Adventurers spend their days trekking through different countries, exploring unexplored territory and meeting new people. There is only one problem with living the life of an Adventurer, some of the benefits offered to normal working individuals are not offered to an Adventurer.

“We put our lives on the line to discover new and interesting things”, explained longtime Adventurer Tommy Smith. “I am out there 350 days of the year finding cultural artifacts, trekking through jungles, and discovering new animals that people would never see or know about otherwise. The only thing I ask for is to be treated just like any other working individual.”

Under the current laws of the country, Adventurers are automatically denied insurance and social security disability insurance. The law stems back hundreds of years when the first colonists landed in the United States. Unfortunately, no one in a government position has thought to change it.

“The life of an Adventurer is tough”, said Smith. “I am climbing over rocks, tree stumps, and cliffs. I could easily get injured or worse killed, but I do it because I love it. I just think it is unfair that I don’t get insurance and disability benefits like everyone else, all because my job is titled ‘high risk’.”

The mass campaign advocating for Adventurers’ rights started when the group of Adventurers took a government sanctioned trip to the boarder of Canada. On the trip, Griffin – an adventurer – tripped and fell causing him to hang up his adventurer cloak and uniform. When Griffin went to apply for social security disability he was denied it on the count he was working on a high risk job and should have known that this could have happen.

“It is really unfair”, said Griffin in a press conference. “I was out working for our government, helping them when they needed it most. Yet, when I needed them to help me, they turned their back on me. What a disgrace!”

The team of Adventurers have hired high-powered attorney Hillary Sanders to represent them. Sanders believes that the Adventures have a good chance of winning their case, especially if it is taken before the Supreme Court.

“I don’t take cases I can’t win”, said Sanders during a press conference. “What happened to Griffin is a tragedy that must be righted. These Adventurers are just doing what no one else wants to do, why should we punish them because we think its high risk? I say let the courts decide!”  

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