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How can Gluten Free Recipe Books and vitamin supplements help Celiac patients

Important Tips for Celiac Patients Following a Gluten Free Diet

Celiac disease is a condition where the intake of the protein gluten from wheat even in small amounts would cause damage in the small intestines. When people discover that they have celiac disease, they initially find it difficult to cope with their condition. Why is that?

Two Difficulties Faced by Celiac Patients

First, they may have difficulty in avoiding the intake of many wheat-based products such as bread, cakes, pasta and beverages made from malt especially if they are used to eating or drinking these kinds of foods and drinks. Second, they may have deficiency in some vitamins and micronutrients because of the inability to absorb them due to damages in the small intestines prior to the diagnosis of the celiac disease. Because of the above reasons, it is helpful for gluten intolerant patients to have in their hands two important resources: gluten free recipe books and vitamin supplements.

Solutions for the Gluten Intolerant

To address the need of patients for gluten free products, they can either buy from the supermarket or specialty grocery store any preferred gluten free products they want or they can make them at home from scratch making use of gluten free baking supplies and ingredients. To those choosing the second option, while it is possible to substitute the wheat flour in most recipes with alternative gluten free baking flour, the resulting product may vary in texture and appearance. This is because the gluten in wheat flour has certain properties not found in the gluten free alternative. Thus, one may need to do several trial cooking before he can perfect a recipe.

Having gluten free recipe books are really beneficial for those who want to bake and cook their own gluten free products. This is not only for the beginner cooks but also for those who are already experts. Having this great resource would take the guess work out of cooking gluten free products. It spells out the exact gluten free baking flour or blends to use, the exact quantity, the instruction on preparation and the length of cooking time.

New celiac patients would also probably need to have extra vitamin supplementation. Studies have shown that people who are just beginning to follow a gluten free diet are usually deficient in fiber, vitamin D and the B vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate. Thus, they are immediately advised to take multivitamins.They are further advised to have regular check-ups with their nutritionist to determine if they still have vitamin deficiency or not after some time. The medical doctor could also give an advice as to which vitamin supplements to take, if necessary. Some mineral deficiency may also need tobe addressed such as that of iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Aside from taking multivitamins and minerals, what gluten intolerants can do is to have a balanced diet of naturally gluten free foods. These are actually cheaper than buying processed gluten free products. Eating fruits and vegetables will increase intake of fiber and vitamins. Eating meat and poultry products and some dairy productswill increase the intake of natural minerals as well.

Gluten intolerants would certainly love to have gluten free recipe books and vitamins and supplements to improve their gluten free lifestyle. Check out Blue Ocean Gluten Free and see the available options of gluten free recipe books, vitamins and supplements.

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