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LED Innovation is The Main Way of Improving Efficiency


The lighting and backlit LED flashlight technology is the two largest applications currently, and the LED constant innovation technology is the two big applications to the popularity of the power. The efficiency also greatly improves the progress of semiconductor technology. Especially high voltage MOSFET and BCD technology unceasing enhancement, some peripheral power switch tube and diode is also integrated into the drive chip, make peripheral circuit greatly simplified.


With LED chipís progress, the power of LED is more and more big, the brightness is more and more high, its application is becoming more and more widely. From the early instrument instructions into LCD screen backlighting, flashlight, auto show, lighting, decorative lamp and so on, until general lighting applications, such as the berth lamp, table lamp, fluorescent lamp and lamp, etc.


In recent years in the process and design progress in the ascension of the product function also increases LED the range. Such as reducing external parts also reduce the plank application and product volume. Process technology promotion products can load more current and voltage, and support more LED parts, these applications are helpful. And because of the size, it can be applied to reduce LED the mobile flash on the increasing....... The luminous efficiency as the projector that LED light source, these innovative applications are the process and design with the progress of the supplement.


Wide core electronic technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD, director of sales also think, in recent years LED technology progress mainly displays in high efficiency, high power, high pressure technology. In the cell phone portable field, the main is a white LED application, now of the low voltage difference drive, charge pump type drivers are the application and development drive mode, and low voltage difference driver can put the pressure difference very low (50 mV / 20 MA), charge pump type to drive is now 2 times, 1.5 times and 1.33 times, etc, and the objective is to improve efficiency, increases the voltage application range. The company currently has launched innovative industry and first use low voltage difference of LED drive chip, which will soon launch and drive of LED the charge pump type chip, allegedly the chip can only use an external capacitor 1 X 2 X to realize automatic adjustment the voltage, thus greatly enhance the efficiency of the LED.


LED technology also has rapid progress, and now LED flashlight luminous efficiency has improved tremendously, turn-on voltage is also more low, so now the high brightness LED used more and more widely, but the main is backlighting and the innovation of the lighting applications.


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