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Compassionate Release We Grants Inmates Early Release From Prison Sentences On Special Grounds

Florida, Mar 16, 2013 - According to the compassionate release law, a prisoner can be granted early release from the prison on special grounds such as due to child-birth or due to a terminal illness, etc. Even old and disabled prisoners or those prisoners suffering from debilitating diseases like AIDS can be released early from the prison on compassionate grounds. However, the compassionate release of a prisoner is difficult to get sanctioned and requires the fulfillment of strict eligibility requirements.
The individual must be in a position to prove that he is really suffering from a debilitating disease or a terminal illness and has got only six months to live at the most. The person must also show that there is a private nursing home, hospital, or medical institute where he will receive appropriate and adequate medical care once he is released from the prison. The individual needs to confirm that his immediate family members or relatives have ample supply of funds to cater to his medical needs. The individual must also assure and convince the Department of Corrections that even if he manages to survive beyond the predicted 6 months period, he will not violate the law or will not pose any harm to the society.
Prison consultants provide the answers to these questions and so much more. A good prison consultant can prepare you and your family to navigate this process so you and your family can manage to survive the experience of federal prison. You need to come out with the fewest scars possible.
Wall Street Prison Consultants - Even though most white collar defendants have spent their lives knowing how to prepare themselves for the other challenges they have faced in life, they do not do enough to prepare themselves for prison. Even though most white collar defendants take care of their families, they start prison without preparing their families for this ordeal.
Yes, there are books available that provide generic advice about prison and how to prepare for prison. There are also books available that provide advice about how to exercise. Who among us would rely on an exercise book when we could use a personal trainer instead? Prison is no different. The difference between reading a generic book and having a personal trainer is just as important.
A defendant with a lower number of points would be assigned to category 1, which carries the minimum sentences in the guidelines. The more points you have, the higher your criminal history category and the greater your possible sentence. Essentially, points are added based on prior convictions, with 1-3 points being added based on the length of the sentence of the prior conviction, whether the defendant was on probation at the time or had been released less than two years previously, whether any convictions were violent crimes, and other factors.
A table, similar to a grid, will determine the sentencing range for a defendant under the guidelines. The sentencing range is found by matching the appropriate offense level with the appropriate criminal history category. All federal sentences are in months.

About the Author:
Compassionate Release - The Prison Consulting Group offers solutions to the problems that men and women facing federal incarceration are confronted with. Our Mission is to provide our clients with the knowledge, services, and continued support that both they and their families require at this difficult time.

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