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Netgear Launched Nighthawk RS700 WiFi 7 Router with 19 Gbps Speeds

2023-09-30 05:40:10 Computer


Netgear has recently unveiled its first Nighthawk RS700 Router with its Nighthawk line with Unprecedented 19 Gbps Speeds.

The Netgear's flagship router, Nighthawk RS700, features cutting-edge technology that offers twice the speed, capacity, and lower latency compared to the previous generations. This WiFI 7 router has set a new benchmark in wireless networking with its groundbreaking 19gbps speeds, delivering unparalleled performance for home and small business users.

The Nighthawk RS700 router is engineered to cater to the demanding workloads of extended household or enterprise networks, where various devices are connected at the same time to access high-bandwidth applications and streaming services. With this Network Router, Netgear enables users to enjoy uninterrupted 4K and 8K streaming, followed by lag-free online gaming and ultra-fast file transfers.
The Nighthawk has set itself apart with a 10Gb internet port and four 1Gb LAN ports, providing users with the fastest internet speeds and flexible and high-speed wired connections to meet various networking needs. Moreover, regarding data security, the Nighthawk RS700 comes with one year of Netgear Armor powered by BitDefender, which helps protect all connecting devices, ensuring a protected online experience.

David Henry, president of Connected Home Products and Services at Netgear, said, "With the launch of our Nighthawk RS700 Router, we're setting the pace for the adoption of the next generation WiFi," he further added, "The RS700 is purposefully constructed for the highest possible performance. We've deployed decades of RF expertise to maximize antenna range within a compact design that minimizes interference while fitting flawlessly into any home environment."

With its slim chassis and high-performance antennas, Netgear WiFi Router offers 360 degrees of coverage optimized to support up to 200 concurrent client devices throughout a home. Its 3D antenna design ensures optimal connectivity for homes of different sizes and layouts, extending WiFi signals to an impressive 3,500 square feet.

In addition, the router incorporates link aggregation to enable simultaneous multi-gig internet and LAN access, making network upgrades seamless. Users can also connect a USB hard drive for convenient network-attached storage, facilitating effortless backup, file sharing, and high-quality media streaming.
While the RS700 provides exceptional performance, it can be combined with other RS700 routers via Nighthawk Mesh for wall-to-wall WiFi coverage, even in large homes. The router supports creating four separate networks: a primary network, a guest network, a priority network for low-latency applications like streaming and gaming, and an IoT network to isolate smart home devices for enhanced security. These features will be available in future software updates.

The Netgear Nighthawk is expected to be available by Q3 of 2023 in the US and is expected to retail for $700.

Key Highlights

With its advanced WiFi 7 technology, the Nighthawk RS700 achieves fast speeds of up to 19 Gbps, providing an unmatched wireless experience for even the most data-intensive activities.
The router's tri-band design allows for optimized device connections, minimizing congestion and ensuring consistent and reliable performance across multiple devices.
Equipped with advanced technology and multiple high-performance antennas, the Nighthawk RS700 offers exceptional coverage, allowing users to connect seamlessly throughout their homes or office.
The Nighthawk RS700 incorporates the latest security protocols, including WPA3, to safeguard users' networks from potential threats.
Setting up the Nighthawk RS700 is a breeze with the intuitive Netgear installation wizard. Additionally, users can manage and customize their network settings easily through the Nighthawk app or web-based interface.

About Netgear

Netgear is a global leader in innovative and reliable networking solutions for homes and businesses. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Netgear has earned a trusted reputation in the industry. Their wide range of products, including routers, switches, wireless access points, network storage solutions, and security devices, are designed to provide robust performance and ease of use. Netgear is trusted by millions worldwide and empowers individuals and businesses to stay connected and productive with its reliable and effective networking solutions.

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