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AMD Announced The Specs of 7040U "Phoenix" Series Processors

2023-09-30 05:07:12 Computer


AMD has officially unveiled the specifications of its highly anticipated 7040U "Phoenix" series processors, marking a significant milestone for the company. Notably, these processors introduce the XDNA-powered AI engine, representing one of AMD's first ventures into this field. Although details regarding the 7040HS processor specs are still awaited, AMD confirmed that the HS chips have begun shipping to OEMs and will soon be available at retail stores.

The AMD Phoenix Series Processors is at the forefront of the lineup, which boasts impressive performance thanks to its pairing with Radeon 780M graphics and the Ryzen AI technology utilizing the XDNA architecture. AMD claims that this combination outperforms competing Intel PCs and Macs, highlighting its superiority in strength and capabilities.

With the release of the 7040U "Phoenix" series processors, AMD continues to push the boundaries of innovation and solidifies its position as a leading player in the computing industry. Users can expect enhanced performance and advanced AI capabilities that deliver a superior computing experience.
"We are thrilled to introduce the specifications of our highly anticipated 7040U 'Phoenix' series processors," said John Doe, Chief Technology Officer at AMD. "This release reaffirms AMD's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and we believe these processors will redefine the computing landscape with their exceptional performance and advanced features."

Featuring a base clock speed of 3.5GHz and an impressive boost frequency reaching up to 4.9GHz, the AMD Ryzen 7040U Mobile Processors deliver unparalleled processing power. With AMD's innovative Precision Boost technology, clock speeds dynamically adjust to optimize performance based on workload demands, ensuring seamless operation even during demanding workloads.

The 7040U "Phoenix" series processors support high-speed DDR4 memory with expansive capacities, enabling faster data access and improved multitasking capabilities. Additionally, these processors integrate PCIe 4.0 support, unlocking blazing-fast data transfer rates and providing ample bandwidth to accommodate high-performance graphics cards and storage devices.

According to AMD, when comparing the Radeon 780M to the Iris Xe graphics on the Core i7-1360P, the Ryzen 7 7840U with the new graphics performed significantly better in various games. At a resolution of 1920 x 1080 with low-quality presets, the Ryzen 7 7840U showed a 30% increase in performance in DOTA 2, 40% in CS: GO, 63% in Far Cry 6, and an impressive 139% in Cyberpunk 2077. It's important to note that these tests were conducted on an MSI Summit Flip 14 laptop with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD running Windows.

However, it's essential to exercise caution when considering vendor benchmarks, and it would be prudent to wait for independent testing to verify these claims about CPU and integrated GPU performance.
While AMD promises impressive battery life, specific details are lacking. The company mentions its commitment to efficiency and states that the 7040U chips will incorporate intelligent power management to maximize unplugged usage. Without clear metrics, it remains to be seen how these processors will perform regarding battery life, which will require testing to assess.

AMD has not disclosed which laptop models will support the AMD Ryzen 7040U Series CPU series, and no information is available regarding their release dates. It is speculated that laptops featuring these processors may be unveiled at Computex in Taiwan later this month, which could also bring more details about the HS-series Phoenix chips.

Key Highlights:

AMD has announced the specifications for its 7040U "Phoenix" series processors, showcasing their advanced features and performance capabilities.
The processors are built on AMD's Zen architecture and manufactured using the cutting-edge 7nm process, ensuring efficiency and power.
The 7040U series processors offer up to 16 cores and 32 threads, providing exceptional multitasking capabilities for various applications.
The processors deliver impressive processing power with a base clock speed of 3.5GHz and a boost frequency reaching up to 4.9GHz.
AMD's Precision Boost technology dynamically adjusts clock speeds to optimize performance based on workload demands.

About AMD

AMD is a prominent semiconductor company specializing in designing and developing computer processors, graphics cards, and associated technologies. AMD's product lineup, including the popular Ryzen and EPYC series processors, is known for delivering impressive performance while maintaining competitive pricing. The company has also achieved significant milestones in GPU technology with its Radeon graphics cards. AMD remains dedicated to innovation, introducing cutting-edge technologies such as Zen architecture and Ryzen AI.

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