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Global Manager Group Launched an ISO 27017 Awareness and Auditor Training PPT Kit

2023-09-20 10:41:13 Education


The Global Manager Group newly introduced the ISO/IEC 27017:2015 auditor training PPT training kit for IT- Security Techniques for Cloud Services (ITCS) management system. The ISO 27017 training ppt kit includes 430 editable PPT slides and around 160 pages of handouts, audit checklists with over 500 audit questions, audit forms, case studies, and other materials that will be given in editable format.

The ISO/IEC 27017 Auditor Training PPT kit provides an in-depth guide for training internal auditors and implementing IT-Security techniques for cloud services management systems in organizations that follow the requirements established in the ISO/IEC 27017 standard. Strong internal control is developed within the organization with the use of the training PPT. The ISO/IEC 27017 training PPT presentation provides, such as slides for ISO 27017:2015 auditor training, as well as editable documents in 8 chapters to thoroughly comprehend the topic of ISO/IEC 27017:2015 IT-Security Techniques for Cloud Services. In addition, for the participants who attended the training, a total of four workshops and two case studies were designed to assess the success of the ISO/IEC 27017 internal audit training. A total of three checklists to verify the implementation of IT-Security Techniques for Cloud Services (ITCS) Systems as per ISO 27017:2015 requirements, as well as three sample auditing formats, are provided to perform an ISO/IEC 27017 internal audit in an organization and include a sample copy of the ISO/IEC 27017:2015 internal auditor training certificate to provide to participants after completing the training.

The ISO/IEC 27017 training ppt kit's contents are presented in editable MS Word and PowerPoint presentation formats and are written in understandable English. The ISO/IEC 27017 training PPT, an editable ppt presentation package saves time when creating the training presentation for corporate training programs. All customization rights are granted to the ISO/IEC 27017 auditor training ppt kit. The ISO/IEC 27017 auditors training ppt kit was created with the help of knowledgeable ISO consultants and trainers with more than 25 years of expertise in ISO certification and auditing. The purpose of this ISO 27017 training kit is to improve the knowledge of the organization's certified auditors. Visit this link for further details:

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