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Cisco Announce New 5G Industrial Router Portfolio to Unite the IoT Edge

2023-05-29 01:54:31 Computer


Cisco's latest 5G router portfolio brings reliable connectivity to IoT use cases, ensuring safer and better connectivity.

These Cisco Routers offer future latest modules for future-proof networks with various integrated technologies, including Wi-Fi 6, 5G, 4G, Private LTE, FirstNet, and Wi-SUN.
Several leading brands working with Cisco have shared how they, together with Cisco, are working for edge networks and scale IoT deployments

Cisco has unveiled its extended portfolio of 5G industrial routers that extends the capacity of the enterprise network to the edge with enhanced security, scalability, and flexibility needed for IoT success. With 5G capabilities, the new portfolio helps organizations to manage and run operations at scale with the help the enterprises to choose the right management tools that are compatible with IT and operations.
The consolidated architecture has made the collaboration of IT and operations that ensure high-end efficiencies that will not only enhance the customer experience but also helps with achieving the desired results by generating data at the edge - where the customers can offer value to the customers and create revenue. The edge environments are efficient. However, Gartner estimated that around 75% of the data is estimated to be generated outside the data center in these edge environments.

Vikas Butaney, VP/GM of Cisco IoT, elaborated that, "Only Cisco offers a network from the enterprise to the industrial edge, with an architecture that provides visibility, automation, and security from campuses and branch offices to substations, remote operating locations, fleets, on-the-go connected assets, and beyond,"

The New Cisco Portfolio

With its latest 5G Industrial routers, Cisco facilitates connecting point-of-sale kiosks, edge use cases with different technology needs, and a remote piece of equipment. Since organizations accelerate digitization, that usually speeds up the process, brings more efficiency, and simplifies the management and security across the edge and network devices.

The 5G Cisco Industrial Routers portfolio includes;

Three new Catalyst 5G Industrial Routers ensure a secure connect mobile and fixed assets. These routers feature Cisco IOS XE that extends the enterprise network and SD-WAN to the edge. These 5G routers also feature built-in edge computing that helps with business development applications and drives decisions at the edge.

New Cisco IoT Gateway Series for essential indoor or outdoor connectivity at the mass scale that features Cisco's cloud-based IoT Operations Dashboard. These are easy to set up by simply plugging them in and turning on the power for connectivity.

Unprecedented connectivity and security

With the increasing data load, organizations require more devices to smooth out the connectivity across the network. These routers offer flexibility, scalability, and enhanced security that adapt to new applications and cases revolving around the latest requirements of the networks. Vikas explained that "Our customers need our hardware to be in play for 7-10 years in their operational environments. This modularity eliminates a rip and replaces cycle to take advantage of 5G and whatever comes next," he further added, "Now they can easily take advantage of new technologies and future-proof their networking investments."

These Network Routers offer a wide range of choices ranging from 5G and LTE for public or private cellular networks, public safety applications like FirstNet, DSL, Wi-SUN – and upgradeable storage.
Moreover, as far as security is concerned, these industrial routers are based on the cybersecurity architecture that delivers a comprehensive strategy that manages security across IT and OT environments. It comes with Cisco Cyber Vision, which can help with threat detection and operational context, allowing organizations to build a threat management strategy.

About Cisco
Cisco is a technology leader that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. Its products are used by businesses, service providers, government organizations, and consumers around the world. Cisco provides many services, including network design, security, cloud computing, and collaboration solutions. The company also provides training and certifications to help its customers stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology.

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