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MORBiZ Releases Must Have Digital Marketing Tools for 2023

2023-04-01 06:06:59 Business


The web presence experts at MORBiZ have released a list of must have digital marketing tools for all types of small businesses. This list is geared toward business searching for way to enlarge their Internet footprint to help new customers find their businesses, both online and off. With fresh tips for SEO, website navigation and conversion tracking, there is a idea here that every business owner can implement.

Build Responsive Website
One of the most critical components of many online marketing efforts is a website. But these days, you don’t need just one website, you need three -- or more! Why? Because people use different devices to browse the web and each size of device needs its own use and functionality! One for computers, one for tablets and one for smartphones. That sounds like a lot of work, right? Truth is, when working with a small business web marketing company like MORBiZ, we can build a single, highly functional website that is responsive. A responsive website is one that adapts to the device the site is being viewed on. This improves user experience (UX) across the screen spectrum, ensuring no potential customer has a hard time navigating your website.

Utilize Effective Local SEO Tactics
For small brick and mortar businesses that rely on people coming through their doors, it may seem strange that online marketing is even a part of their plan. However, people seeking goods and services in their community generally start their search on the Internet. Without proper local search engine optimization, generally referred to as local SEO or hyper-local SEO for neighborhood oriented businesses, potential customers could walk right by on their way to a business that did implement such tactics. In short, local SEO involves crafting content on your website that reflects your location. This includes using proper tags, metadata and offsite SEO too, such as on Internet directories (Google listings) and social media (Facebook). Learn more about local keywords for geo-targeted SEO here!

Track Conversions
It’s important to measure the performance of your marketing efforts by tracking conversions. If your business doesn’t sell products online, but instead attracts business through online tools, there’s a few different ways to track the success of your website and marketing efforts. One is by using an email contact form that tracks how many people use it. Comparing this with total website visitors will help you understand your conversion rate.

Another way to track the number of people finding you online is with the use of a call tracking number. This is a secondary phone number that forwards to your original, but allows you to view usage statistics, record phone calls and understand where calls are coming from. At MORBiZ, we offer monthly analytics that illustrate the performance of our efforts to our customers, which includes contact form conversion numbers and tracking number statistics.

Digital Marketing in 2023
If enhanced digital marketing is your 2023 New Year’s resolution, reach out to the small business web marketing pros at MORBiZ. We will help you rise from the stone ages of digital marketing to become a prominent business online and off. To learn more about our web presence tactics, or to request a digital marketing cost estimate, call us at 855-266-7249 or fill out this contact form and we’ll reach out to you soon. We look forward to helping you achieve your Internet marketing goals in 2023.

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