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Farshid Hamid Iran Is Working On His New Album

2023-04-01 04:43:47 Art & Entertainment


“Farshid Hamid Iran” was born on April 9, 1982 in an artist family. He was born in the mountainous city of Ardabil, a native of Azerbaijan in the northwest of Iran. Coming from a family with an artistic background helped Farshid discover his musical talent early and he faced no resistance from his parents in pursuing his passion. Instead, they encouraged him, which led him to create an album that will soon be released in 2023.

FARSHID said “Eric Clapton” is his legend. He is preparing an album that uses electronic music. Iranian pop singer Mr.ALI RAHAM said “This album is a different music from Farshid”. Farshid Hamid Iran has a special voice, ability, talent, charm and spirit that has made him overcome many obstacles in business. I guess you must know about this fast voice and his music career.

His new album in 2023, which he hopes will be successful and can increase his audience.This album is the result of Farshid's amazing Mental and Spiritual experiences.
As a result, The style of this album is Middle Eastern, JazzMusic, Instrumental Music, Solo Piano and Azeri Music.
The name of the album is “kartal”.

Farshid has his first professional singing experience with this album. Before this, he was composing and arranging. His intention to make “Kartal” album is to hold concert tours.

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