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24SevenCommerce Announces Integration of Korona POS with over 20 Online Shopping Carts and Marketplaces for Seamless Omnichannel Experience

2023-04-01 09:29:09 Business


24SevenCommerce has announced a new integration with Korona POS, making it possible for retailers to seamlessly integrate their in-store point of sale systems with online shopping carts and marketplaces. This integration is designed to help retailers avoid the pain points of managing an omnichannel business and make the process smoother and more efficient.

According to a statement from a representative of 24SevenCommerce, "Managing multiple sales platforms and channels as separate entities is no longer viable as customers are searching for an omnichannel experience. Integrating Korona POS with every business channel or platform is necessary to provide real-time inventory updates to potential customers."

The integration allows retailers to synchronize product data, increase footfall in-store, and adopt various retail models. By providing accurate product details and inventory updates, retailers can limit stockouts, overselling, and refunds. It also enables customers to access product information with a simple Google search, helping to boost sales and retain customers with an excellent shopping experience.

By integrating Korona POS with eCommerce, retailers can make the most of both platforms and amplify the benefits of each. For example, using Google Local Inventory Ads, retailers can direct customers to the nearest stores, while offering varied options for pickup like BOPIS or curbside pickup becomes effortless.

There are many benefits to this integration for both shoppers and retailers. It can lower shipping charges, guarantee product availability, reduce the risk of package theft, and ensure swift services. Additionally, it allows retailers to offer a consistent shopping experience across all platforms.

The integration is made possible through the Octopus Bridge plugin, which connects all business channels together and manages them efficiently. It has advanced features like automated inventory updating and data field mapping, making it possible for retailers to track business performance and analyze shopping behavior.

Korona POS is a cloud-based retail and ticketing POS system that is customizable and offers options like multi-location and franchise operations. It is fast and reliable, and has a dashboard for managing inventory, accounting, and promotions.

Octopus Bridge, on the other hand, is a cloud-based middleware that can seamlessly integrate POS systems with eCommerce marketplaces and shopping carts. It eliminates time-consuming activities like data entry and inventory management with automation, reducing manual labor and enhancing workflow.

24Seven Commerce is an integration-as-a-service provider with customers in over 20 countries. They are trusted by some of the world's top POS providers and help retailers expand their businesses with omnichannel solutions. Retailers can rapidly grow their businesses by using their robust and customizable system.

For more information, visit 24SevenCommerce's website or contact them directly by phone.

Company :-Octopus Bridge, Inc

User :- Avnish Saxena


Phone :-408-643-0097

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