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Cosmos Medical Management Launches New Year, New Offer on first 5 insurance credentialing

2023-04-01 04:44:01 Health and Fitness


COSMOS Medical Management (CMM) has earned an unmatched reputation in providing the best Medical Credentialing Services. CMM has announced a 10% discount on first 5 insurance credentialing as a part of New Year, New Offer deal valid up to 31st Jan 2023.

Cosmos Medical Management Launches New Year, New Offer on first 5 insurance credentialing. CMM, earlier this week had announced a 10% discount on first 5 insurance credentialing as a part of New Year offer that will be valid throughout the month of January 2023. Credentialing is a very cumbersome process that consumes a lot of time. But credentialing is mandatory for a healthcare provider to be enrolled in a payer’s (insurance carrier) system. A physician’s qualifications are verified and validated by various payers and this process is known as credentialing. This validation helps in receiving payment from the payers to those physicians who are enrolled in their system. It is only about receiving payments or generating revenue exclusively related to insurance carriers or payers. Cosmos Medical Management has been simplifying the process of insurance credentialing services for the physicians and has been providing impeccable service for over 15 years now.

What does it take for an application to be successfully credentialed? For an approval of an application it is important to successfully complete the credentialing. To complete it, it is essential to be aware of the different requirements of major payers and their networks. The payers also keep expanding and there might be major mergers. The Medicare and Medicaid requirements also keep changing continuously. Apart from these two, Cosmos Medical Management as a medical provider credentialing company, implements provider credentialing for many commercial carriers that includes BCBS, Aetna, Humana, United, Anthem, Cigna etc.

Renu, founder of Cosmos Medical Management says, “Though we provide medical credentialing services all over the USA, we are focusing mainly in Texas and nearby states. We understand that every organization needs to simplify their credentialing process for each physician and at CMM we try to make things easier for you. While our credentialing experts can help you choose valuable insurance companies specific to your practice area, regardless of their location in the USA, we can also take the initiative to contact the provider to find out the top 5 prevalent companies which are used by the provider(s)”.

Healthcare Practices that used Cosmos Medical Management’s credentialing service have saved significant time. There is a portal that needs to be dedicatedly managed for each payer the physician is contracted with. CMM takes over their burden of managing their entire provider portal(s). Physician credentialing services from Cosmos Medical Management are extremely affordable and competitively priced. If looking for Medical Billing Credentialing and Coding company visit to avail the early bird offer.

About COSMOS Medical Management, LLC.

Cosmos is a Texas born company however we do provide credentialing services US wide. Our purpose is to create a new benchmark, by reducing the hurdles faced by a physician while getting insurance credentialing and increase their cash flow.

Company :-Cosmos Medical Management, LLC

User :- Renu Gattani


Phone :-(866)289-7063

Mobile:- (918)261-4342

Url :-

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