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The Fan Studio Successfully Opens Its 15th Store in India

2023-04-01 04:48:14 Industry


A luxury fan manufacturer renowned for its premium products and decades of experience added a milestone to its journey this week. The Fan Studio, well known for its customized and superior collection of ceiling fans, opened its 15th store in India. The company believes that this is one of the best steps they can take to cater to customers from across India who wish to own a luxury fan.

The Fan Studio comes from the reputed business house of Tullu Water Pumps - a business with an impeccable reputation for innovation and excellence since 1958. The Fan Studio is dedicated to providing nothing less than quality and elegance to all of its customers through customized ceiling fans.

The company is reputed for its intricate designs and detailed fans that are end-to-end handmade. The Fan Studio specializes in preserving various Indian cultural traditions through fans. In fact, making special fans that go beyond the traditional three-blade fan and incorporate a variety of materials that give them the look and feel of luxury is why most customers opt for The Fan Studio's products.

“We are so excited about being able to tap into another city and bring more awareness towards customized and handmade fans.” - says Mrs. Prapti More, Director, The Fan Studio.

The Fan Studio started its business from an online website. Listing and hosting a variety of different customized fans under a variety of collections They have recently expanded their product lines to include brand new ceiling fans and standing fan collections.

Since the brand's inception in 1999, The Fan Studio has not only catered to individual customer needs in interior decor for homes and offices but has also been commissioned to add a touch of luxury to several reputable hotel chains like Mayfair and the Taj group of hotels, to name a few. In addition, The Fan Studio has also been sought out and chosen to add a touch of elegance to many Bollywood celebrities' homes.

The company is determined to expand into other cities across the country and go global soon.

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