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SLTL Group Shines at IMTEX 2023, Bengaluru with Innovative Laser Solutions

2023-04-01 07:49:33 Industry


Laser Experts Demonstrated Ground-Breaking Technologies and Industry Advancements

The SLTL Group recently showcased its cutting-edge laser solutions at IMTEX 2023, one of Asia's leading technology exhibitions for the tool and machinery industry. Held in Bengaluru, India, the event was a major success for the company, with visitors admiring SLTL's innovative technologies and smart systems, including updates for cutting, marking/engraving, welding, and robotic automation.

One of the major highlights of the exhibition was the unveiling of SLTL's revolutionary On-The-Fly Automation system, an AI-based intuitive customized laser marking solution designed for rapid productions. The system is enabled with a vision system that can mark, orient, sort, and inspect the marking data in a single solution, making it a game-changer in the industry. Additionally, SLTL also presented their state-of-the-art Laser welding Automation system, specifically designed for welding batteries. This revolutionary machine is engineered to ensure the strongest, most seamless joints in the safest manner possible, and poised to disrupt the status quo and open up new possibilities in the EV manufacturing.

In addition, SLTL's team of technical experts was on hand to provide visitors with a first-hand experience of the company's laser systems and answer questions about system design, operation, and worldwide service support. The company also received a great deal of coverage and collaboration opportunities at the event.

Overall, the SLTL Group is grateful for the trust and support of its customers and visitors, and looks forward to continued growth and collaboration in the future. The team extends its gratitude to all attendees and participants of IMTEX 2023 and looks forward to the next opportunity to showcase its innovative solutions.

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