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Intel Announces Official Launch of 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processors

2023-09-21 12:07:28 Computer


After the launch of Intel's 13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processors, Intel has unveiled their 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processors and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (Sapphire Rapids), the Intel Xeon CPU Max Series (Sapphire Rapids HBM) and the Intel Data Center GPU Max Series (Ponte Vecchio) on 10th January 2023. As per Intel's claim, the latest range of processors is built to offer improved performance, network and edge, security features, cloud efficiency, AI capabilities and the world's most powerful supercomputers.

The launch event was hosted by Sandra Rivera, the Executive Vice President and Lisa Spelman, the general manager of the Data Center and AI group at Intel, along with the general manager and corporate vice president of Intel Xeon Products that further highlighted the features, ecosystem, customer and partner support of Intel's 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors. She claimed that "The launch of 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors and the Max Series product family is a pivotal moment in fueling Intel's turnaround, reigniting our path to leadership in the data center and growing our footprint in new arenas,".

Intel, with its 4th Gen Xeon Processors, has been working together with its customers and partners, which has helped Intel in offering modified solutions and systems that can tackle the biggest challenges faced by HPC, data centers and other high-scale processors. Intel has come up with a distinctive solution that not only offers purpose-built and workload-first acceleration but it also optimizes the performance of the software that helps the processors with delivering the right level of performance with minimal power consumption.

Leading Performance and Sustainability Benefits with the Most Built-In Acceleration

Currently, around 100 million Xeon processors are installed in different sectors, including IT services. Small or medium businesses, large networks or enterprises to wireless base station computing from edge to cloud services.

Key Features:
AI: 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors and Intel Max Series families come with built-in accelerators to facilitate the workloads, including analytics, networking, storage, AI, and high-performance computing (HPC)
Sustainable performance: The latest 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processors are the most sustainable data center processors comprising a range of features that optimizes performance and power, followed by maximizing the use of CPU resources that helps fulfill customers' sustainability goals.

Power Efficiency: Xeon 4th Gen is expected to perform 2.9x times better than the previous generations. While utilizing built-in accelerators, these processors can save up to 70 watts per CPU in optimized power mode with minimum disruptions or lags in performance, followed by 52 to 66% lower TCO.

Networking: Networking is an essential part of modern computing. As the demand for better performance increases, so does the need for more powerful networking solutions. The Intel Xeon 4th Gen Processors and 5G core workloads provide a faster and more efficient networking platform. These systems also have built-in accelerators enabling them to perform complex tasks faster than ever. With these advancements, networks can now be configured to handle large amounts of data with greater reliability and efficiency.

HPC: these Xeon processors and its MAX series family, With its advanced architecture, the 4th Gen Xeon HPC platform offers unprecedented performance for demanding workloads. The 4th Gen Xeon HPC platform also supports various operating systems and programming languages, allowing developers to create powerful applications quickly and easily. Additionally, the 4th Gen Xeon HPC also provides excellent energy efficiency with its low power consumption and thermal design power (TDP).

Additional Features and partners: These processors add value to the workstations and servers with a wide range of features and other technology partners that will boost the system's performance and enhance security and operation while minimizing power consumption. Some of the important features and partners are:

• Expansive customer and partner adoption from AWS,
• Cisco,
• Cloudera,
• CoreWeave,
• Dell Technologies,
• Dropbox,
• Ericsson,
• Fujitsu,
• Google Cloud,
• Hewlett Packard Enterprise,
• IBM Cloud,
• Inspur Information,
• Lenovo,
• Los Alamos National Laboratory,
• Microsoft Azure,
• Oracle Cloud,
• OVHcloud,
• phoenixNAP,
• RedHat,
• SAP,
• SuperMicro,
• Telefonica and
• VMware, among others.

About Intel

Intel is a multinational technology company that designs and manufactures computer processors and related technologies. It is one of the world's largest semiconductor chip makers and the inventor of the x86 microprocessors found in most personal computers (PCs). Intel also produces other hardware, such as motherboards, network interface controllers, integrated circuits, graphics chips, embedded processors, flash memory and other devices related to communications and computing. Intel also provides a range of services to customers, including cloud computing services. Intel operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and is a leader in developing innovative technologies for various applications.

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