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Futurense Technologies to hire more than 600 data engineers for the year 2023

2023-11-25 08:37:41 Business


Futurense Technologies, the “Godfather of Talent”, is preparing to hire more than 600 data engineers for the year 2023. Futurense's main focus is quality learning outcomes thus each employee receives customized training and coaching support in the state-of-the-art facility in Bengaluru. On completing 2 months of training Futurense Technologies will deploy these candidates with organizations across banking, financial services and insurance, and the healthcare sector among others. At present, the company is supplying talent to 12 Fortune 500 firms. Four of them are Fortune 100 companies. Futurense Technologies is also working with 7 unicorns. At the same time, it is supporting the talent requirements of 13 multinational companies.
It will support new hires polish their skills, provide them with more tech tools, and add domain experience giving them a path to Fortune 500 companies. The move is a big one considering that the company is going ahead with the hiring in huge numbers at a time when organizations are putting a freeze on hiring and announcing layoffs.
Commenting on the company’s big plans to hire fresh talent in these uncertain and economically challenging times, the young 23-year old Raghav Gupta, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Futurense Technologies, says, “These are challenging times for businesses across sectors. Yet, we believe that the demand for good talent will only increase in such times.” He adds, “Even as globally businesses and organizations layoff employees, the headcount will increase at our end with the growing demand for fresh talent in data analytics.”
The company will continue to hire talent from tier-2 and tier-3 towns to meet its clients’ growing talent demand. Gupta firmly believes that smaller towns in India offer organizations an opportunity to hire world-class talent and in the process help democratizes the talent field for people coming from these places. Futurense Technologies is committed to transforming the talent field in the country with its innovative model of zero-cost training for fresh and lateral talent. Supporting the talent coming from smaller towns, the company pays all its hires during their training with Futurense Technologies.
Futurense Technologies is optimistic and is on its path to hiring freshers and lateral hires in large numbers with a firm view that even as the technology and IT sector are going through a churn, organizations will be looking out for skilled and competent talent to power their business. On the business front, the company is focusing on data engineering, data science, and Java full-stack. As it is scaling up on the finance side, the company is getting into the US tax and the US audit. On the tech front, Futurense Technologies will be expanding on MLOps and DevOps.
About Futurense Technologies: Founded in 2020, Futurense Technologies is led by a young entrepreneur, 23-year-old Raghav Gupta. With a “talent-first” approach, Futurense Technologies is providing talent to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Positioned as the “Godfather of Talent” Future Technologies backs talent from smaller towns to fix India’s demand-supply challenge. The company is transforming the tech talent market with its unique ‘Zero cost’ training model. It offers fresh and lateral hires training in tech and soft skills from a state-of-the-art training facility in Bengaluru. For more details do visit,
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