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Dot Com Infoway Launches Discord Marketing Infographic With Proven Statistics Of Discord

2023-04-01 05:07:50 Blogging & Social Media


Dot Com Infoway, DCI, is an Indian IT powerhouse renowned for its premier digital marketing and IT solutions across the globe. It has cemented a reputation for delivering a wide range of enterprise-class IT solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world.
Dot Com Infoway has recently released an infographic that deep dives into discord marketing, which is gaining traction as the new hot cake for marketers, thanks to a user base featuring north of 300,000,000 users. Via their well-put and highly detailed infographic titled “Why Discord Marketing? Infographic With Proven Statistics of Discord”, DCI uses the numbers to describe just what’s in it for marketers, and make a case for the cash cow that Discord marketing can become. It lays the foundation for the basics companies need to be aware of to get into discord marketing and leverages numbers to back up their insights.

Discord is stealing the social media spotlight- The pandemic and multiplayer games, most notably hugely popular titles like Among Us, have certainly helped propel the popularity of Discord. According to DCI’s detailed infographic, the number of active discord servers has increased tremendously between 2019 and 2022, from 4.4 million to 19 million respectively. What’s more, the number of average active monthly users has also shot up by almost 100 million while in 2022, there have been close to 390 million registered user accounts in total. Discord is therefore ripe for the picking, and this DCI infographic provides brimming evidence, facts, and figures that walk the talk as well.

The app that’s not just for gamers- Many companies out of the gaming or software niche have generally steered clear of discord with their marketing endeavors. However, it’s an underrated gem with potential that’s just yearning to be tapped, and DCI’s infographic paints just the right picture to prove it. Today, the lion’s share of Discord users is on the platform for non-gaming-related reasons. To be precise, 78% of said users on Discord have non-gaming interests or use the platform for both gaming and indulging other interests beyond it. DCI’s well-argued infographic essentially indicates that the time is right for businesses to leverage Discord marketing regardless of their specialties or niches.

Infographic lays bare the secret to success and much more- Discord marketing boasts huge marketing potential. But like any other marketing platform, a proper plan and approach are key to unlocking its full capabilities. DCI’s infographic contains many useful pointers to show marketers just how to crack Discord marketing. Moreover, it highlights the benefits of Discord marketing, tips on keeping Discord communities engaged, and the largest servers in terms of Discord membership. Essentially, it reveals information that businesses can use to make inroads in Discord marketing.

Star CEO Venkatesh backs Discord marketing

Dot Com Infoway CEO, C.R. Venkatesh, also fancies Discord marketing and vouches for its capability to be one of the most powerful social media marketing avenues of the modern era. He had the following to say about its future:
“Today, everyone’s marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and the works. These traditional social media platforms, if you will, have become flooded with marketing material to the extent that it’s all become just too much noise. The competition on these is simply absurd. I believe that any modern social media marketing strategy worth it's salt that wants to stand out should leverage Discord marketing. It contains close to 400 million users, remains less competitive, and is an excellent way to push the envelope on a platform that contains many ready leads for businesses of all kinds. In a few years, I reckon Discord marketing will reach the same heights of success as Instagram or Facebook marketing.”

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