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The official opening of the first AURUS showroom took place in St. Petersburg

2023-12-02 07:46:10 Automotive


The official opening of the first AURUS showroom in St. Petersburg AURUS AVTODOM St. Petersburg took place on December 12, 2022.

The dealer agreement between AURUS and AVTODOM Group was signed in March 2022. The companies announced plans to open a showroom this year. The new dealership will allow residents of the cultural capital to be acquainted with AURUS vehicles choose individual options, such as exclusive interior trim or body colors, pre-order or undergo service, even for armored versions of AURUS vehicles.

A modern one-story dealer center of a Russian luxury car brand is located in the AVTODOM cluster at 14 Pulkovskoe Highway. Two AURUS cars are presented in a 200 sq.m. showroom. These are the legendary AURUS Senat and AURUS Komendant. Sales of new cars, sales of AURUS with mileage and after-sales service are among the services of the dealership. Car insurance and car loans are available to clients’ individuals and legal entities. The service area is equipped with high-tech equipment and two lifts. One of them is designed specifically for armored limousines weighing 6.3 tons. Spacious parking and comfortable lounge area are for the convenience of visitors.

“We are opening a new showroom together with our partners - AVTODOM Group in St. Petersburg Today. We are fulfilling the previously outlined brand plans for the development of representation in the Russian Federation. The northern capital is an extremely important city for AURUS. We know about the great interest in our brand in St. Petersburg. We have no doubt that the brand's new gallery will be an additional catalyst for AURUS sales, which have been dynamically developing since 2021. I thank the company AVTODOM for the work already done. I am sure that our cooperation will be long-term and extremely productive!” - AURUS CEO Nikolay Khodosevich commented.

“We are grateful to AURUS for the trust, appreciation of our work and the choice of AVTODOM as an exclusive partner in St. Petersburg. The AURUS AVTODOM St. Petersburg project was initially a very important line of business for us. We have made every effort to open the dealership this year. We have rich experience in working with premium and luxury segments. We can say with confidence that we will provide an individual approach to each client. The AVTODOM Pulkovo location is well known to owners of premium cars. I am sure that AURUS will succinctly complement the portfolio of brands represented there. All novelties of the Russian luxury car brand, including the new AURUS Komendant, will be available for order to our customers soon”, – Andrey Olkhovsky, General Manager of AVTODOM Group, summed up.


AURUS is the first Russian automobile brand in the luxury category. It represents the revival of the industrial, engineering, scientific, and technological potential of Russia.

AURUS cars are a line of executive cars. This one has been created by order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation since 2013. The need for a domestically produced limousine for the Head of State became the starting point for the creation of AURUS cars. The Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the start of the development of a project for the creation and production of luxury cars based on a single modular platform was signed in the fall of 2013. AURUS is the official vehicle of the President of Russia.

AURUS vehicles have been mass-produced at the AURUS plant in Yelabuga in Tatarstan since May 2021.
AURUS created by the best Russian experts. It has unique characteristics and combines heavy-duty strength, impeccable comfort, unsurpassed protection and noble design.
AURUS emphasizes the special status of its owner and is worthy of the unique mission entrusted to it - to be the ? 1 Russian Car. It is a unique representative of high-class cars.

More information about the AURUS brand can be found at

About AVTODOM company

The AVTODOM group of companies was founded on December 21, 1992. It is a dynamically developing automobile holding, one of the largest in Russia today. Sales and service of premium and luxury cars is its main specialization. AVTODOM portfolio includes 11 car brands: AURUS, Evolute, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, MINI, as well as 3 motorcycle brands : KTM, Ducati and BMW Motorrad. AVTODOM dealer centers are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. AVTODOM is constantly developing, building new dealerships and reorganizing the infrastructure of existing dealerships.

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