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hireED Forays Into Work Integrated Learning Program for Working Professionals

2023-11-27 08:43:58 Education


hireED is the workforce consulting platform for learners who want to pursue higher education while being on the job. All the more, hireEd supports the entire genre of organizations that requires quality human resource as well as upscaling their qualifications. We transcend on bridging the talent gaps and curating new learning solutions that aim to attain the growth objective. We foster an agile workforce for the radical economic growth of the companies. Our rich and proven experiences have always been handy in providing employability to the workforce. Our trousseau of services has varied programs pertaining to the needs of the learner which can make them more skillful.

Table of Contents:

Better learning programs
Customization of programs as per the need of organizational clients
Breeds employee satisfaction and employees retention
An affordable program cost at entry level
Encourages learning culture across the organization
The workforce becomes a validated asset
Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP)from hireED
Benefits of WILP for Learning Professionals
Future Prospects of WILP from hireED
Features of hireED
Better Learning Programs And An Increase In Knowledge

The learning programs offer under the umbrella of hiring from various well-known Universities that have produced quality human assets for society.

Customization of Programs As Per The Need Of Organizational Clients

hireEd also keeps in mind the organizational needs of the clients and eventually encourages the learners to pursue only those programs where the working professional can learn while being on the job and that’s good for the learners too, as they continue with their employability.

Breeds Employee Satisfaction And Employees Retention

hireED has conceptualized the theory of employee satisfaction and employee retention by shouldering the responsibility of a work-integrated learning program. With this vision, the hireED has established itself as one of the most like platforms for imparting hassle-free education that increases employee satisfaction, and retention and earns a good name for the company.

Encourages Learning Culture Across The Organization

With enrollment in learning programs, the working class is exposed to the learning environment that breeds professionalism in the organization. Professionals tend to become more familiar with the technologies and new trends that evolve every day in the business arena.

Work Integrated Learning Program(WILP)from hireED

hireED has proven itself as the best consultant for providing work-integrated learning programs that have shaped the lives of many and it will continue to do so in the future too. The learners come from various backgrounds and varied programs are offered as per the aptitude of the working professionals. The professional has learned with the help of hireED and has proved their mettle in their respective organizations. hireED also gives the opportunity to the organizations where they can sponsor the learning programs of their employees or it can be self-sponsored. All the programs offered under the umbrella of hireED are well substantiated by the respective governing and statutory bodies under the Govt. of India and are well accredited by the NBA (National Board of Accreditation).

Benefits of WILP for Learning Professionals Time Management by The Working Professionals And The Organizations

WILP is a time-saving course that enables working professionals to take to pursue their qualifications along with their employability. WILP is an integrated course where the degree or certification courses are either sponsored by the organization or by themselves.

Increase in Skill Set And Quality Learning

The WILP courses help in upgrading the technical know-how and skill set of the working professionals. It induces quality learning and helps in career gradation. The qualifications that are attained during employment through WILP courses it is a valuable asset for the employee as well as for the organization.

Upskills Leads Level Up in Jobs

Courses completed through WILP have also given better chances to working professionals for promotions and salary hikes. The company recognizes the worth of the employee and retains them.

Qualification is an Asset For The Working Class

For the working class, an added qualification is always an asset for themselves and for the organization they work with.

Asset for the Organization

Skilled Employees are assets for the organization and worthy of future promotions. WIPL is one of the most liked programs among working professionals where they can pursue their education along with employment.

Sound Understanding Of The Business World And Technology

With education comes power and empowerment that propels learners to stay relevant in the market with technical advancement and following business ethics.

Future Prospects of WILP from hireED

Over the years the hireED has shaped the future of many young freshers and working professionals. WILP from hireED is one of the most sought-after programs which are liked by most professionals as it gives them a chance to pursue their dreams along with their profession. There is a simultaneous growth in qualification as well as in career progression.

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