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Al Baraq introduces New Technology in Steel Fabrication

2022-11-30 06:18:33 Business


To be the best steel fabrication company in UAE , we are flexible to innovative technology. Our machineries are frequently improvised for better working and to meet the demands of our customers. Our team is the best steel fabricators in UAE trained regularly to use the new technologies in steel fabrication in order to enhance the quality and quantity of our products. The new technologies in the steel fabrication industry has also created a better and safer workplace for the employees, and s to increase productivity.

Meet some lates technological developments in the steel fabrication industry.

Innovations in the steel fabrication industry are frequently made to satisfy the evolving demands of customers, to produce environment friendly production, to ease the dangerous manual labour, consistency in quality and many more demands to meet.

New technologies in steel fabrication industry

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) which are used in metal fabrication has now been improvised from manual operation to automated system. This has increased the efficiency and productivity in overall. Automated CNC machines have reduced the stress of repetitive work.


Digitization has conquered every field including steel fabrication industry. Embracing digitization improves better functioning and productivity of steel fabrication. Making the best out of the tools and technologies, takes the industry to greater heights.


Adopting ORC technology has an overall betterment in steel fabrication industry. Organic rankine cycle is similar to rankine cycle working process. But while rankine cycle creates steam from water, ORC technology vaporises a natural liquid and also depends on a turbo generator running. It reduces pressures and thus no abrasion of the metal parts and sharp edges as it provides slower turn of the turbine. With ORC technology, the carbon footprint has decreased by about 10000 tons from the equipments of steel fabrication by removing the water to cool systems. It is also capable to produce powers from waste of around 700 houses.


Jet process is an innovative technology which amplifies scarp and Hot briquetted Direct Reduced Iron (HBI) rates in converter steel making. Jet process is easily installable and is also cost effective. Scrap charges rates from 0 to 100% can be conceived with jet process and also up to 30% scrap charges does not require coal addition.


The technology of 3D printing has helped to ease every fields of industry. It is sued to redesign and craft materials like steel, concrete, plastic etc. the innovation of 3D printing in steel fabrication helps to reduce waste and optimize energy usage.

We introduce lates technologies of steel fabrication our production methods to manufacture the best quality products. At Al Baraq Steel Works LLC, one of the best steel fabricators in UAE enhances our quality of the work daily

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