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Introduction Of Biodegradable Industrial Bags By Modwrap To Create A Cleaner Future

2023-11-29 11:46:13 Business


There is an ever-growing concern about the harmful effects of using plastics on the environment. The toxins released from such materials end up harming the planet. Everything from animals to plants to even people is harmed in some way or the other. Moreover, plastic waste in the ocean can survive up to thousands of years. Hence, it has turned into a necessity for companies to find alternatives to single-use plastics. Modwrap recently introduced such an alternative in the form of biodegradable industrial bags.

Modwrap, based in India, has created this type of bag which is durable and has a sturdy texture. It protects any packed material just like plastic. However, the bags are degradable and compostable. Furthermore, while breaking down they don’t release harmful toxins into the environment. On the contrary, they give back nutrients to the soil. Also, the bags are not meant for one-time use. It means that they can be reused and recycled quite easily.

The pollution caused by plastics is a problem in the world. According to research, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean each year. In other words, it means throwing the entire contents of a garbage truck into the ocean every few minutes. This causes serious environmental hazards. Not only does the sea life get affected but the waste finds its way back into the food chain and harms everyone.

Besides the environmental issues, plastic waste also causes financial strains. With the increasing number of plastic waste, the cost of clean-up goes up. Also, since most plastic bags are meant for one-time use, they cannot be reused or recycled. This means a company would have to buy more packaging materials to satisfy its packaging needs. Modwrap’s biodegradable industrial bags take care of this imminent problem too. Designed to be used more than once, these eco-friendly bags take care of the environment, as well as, reduce financial burden.

Modwrap recognises the role they have to play in ensuring reduced packaging waste and its efforts toward creating a circular economy. Through this new product, they aim to help more and more customers switch from traditional packaging materials to eco-friendly ones.

“Everyone can help in bringing a positive change to our planet. We are just doing our part by changing some of our core products into being biodegradable and compostable,” Modwrap’s Founder, Ashish Malik said while talking about their new packaging line.

The biodegradable bag type is priced at a very affordable rate. Alongside this, the company often introduces discounts for customers purchasing their products.

About the Company:

Modwrap is considered a leader in the world of packaging materials. They have years of experience in creating high-quality products and effectively is a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. To take care of the environment, they have launched their latest biodegradable and compostable bags collection. With the option of personalisation, these bags can be used across different industries. To get in touch with the company drop a mail at Alternatively, you can also call +91-9811380229 or +91-9953754229 to know more.

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