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MobileSentrix Acquires Mobile Defenders

2024-03-03 04:12:57 Business


MobileSentrix has acquired Mobile Defenders to provide the repair industry with unparalleled pricing, products, and programs. This acquisition combines the knowledge and expertise of the two leading names in the cell phone repair industry.

At this time, the Mobile Defenders and MobileSentrix sites will run concurrently. Any specific offering that either site has will continue to be offered explicitly by that site.

We're excited to begin working alongside Mobile Defenders. Our teams are already internally working on a few new initiatives that are going to continue to revolutionize the industry. Stay tuned.


What is the impact of this acquisition?
The combined buying power of MobileSentrix and Mobile Defenders will allow us to be leveraged to drive down prices, improve quality, and make a better experience, for you, our customers.

Will there be any pricing changes?
Pricing will become even more competitive as we're able to leverage the supply chain.

Can I order Mobile Defender products on MobileSentrixs' site and vice versa?
At this time, the MobileSentrix and Mobile Defenders websites will run concurrently. Any unique offering to that website, like Mobile Defenders' genuine OEM parts or MobileSentrix's device program, will only be available on that website.

Where do I send RMAs?
All RMAs need to be done through the website the product was bought from.

Can I call my current Mobilesentrix representative to help me with a Mobile Defenders order?
If you need help with a MobileSentrix order, please reach out to the MobileSentrix team at or (202) 540-9946. If you need help with a Mobile Defenders order, please contact your Mobile Defenders representative or customer service.

About Mobilesentrix
Mobilesentrix is a leader in the Wireless repair industry. Currently, we have two stores i.e. in USA and Canada. We are dealing with Cell Phone Parts & Accessories, MacBook Parts, and Game console Parts and Pre-own Devices. We also offer a lifetime warranty on OLED / LCD Screens. We ensure about product quality. Visit for more!

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Address: 4315 Walney RD, Chantilly Virginia 20151 / 25 Planchet Road Unit 5, Concord Ontario L4K2C5
Phone No: +1 (202) 540-9946 / +1 (647) 317-3118

Company :-MobileSentrix

User :- Daewon Hook


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