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JAC Mobile Blasting Celebrate Anniversary with a New Website

2022-12-06 09:07:13 Automotive


Allen, Texas: JAC Mobile Blasting is pleased to announce that they recently celebrated their anniversary in July. They denoted the anniversary with a new website launch with a visually appealing, informative website featuring before and after photos and an expanded FAQ page.

JAC Mobile Blasting recognized many people are familiar with older techniques, such as soda blasting, but aren’t aware of newer solutions. Individuals often search for surface preparation methods before painting and don’t realize different media types are used, depending on the surface’s makeup and what they want to achieve. The new FAQ section on the JAC Mobile Blasting website answers frequent questions and helps individuals make an informed decision about their paint preparation needs.

JAC Mobile Blasting offers efficient, high-quality surface preparation at reasonable prices. The company operates on the principles of honesty and integrity, providing clean, satisfying results for clients. They are a leader in the surface preparation industry, focusing on innovation, excellent client experiences, and industry education. Using appropriate media for every surface, they aim to make old things new again with the latest sanding methods.

Anyone interested in learning about the new website or services offered can find out more by visiting the JAC Mobile Blasting website or calling 1-972-573-4183.

About JAC Mobile Blasting: JAC Mobile Blasting is a full-service sandblasting company offering surface preparation services for various surfaces. The company has a long-standing reputation for providing residential, commercial, and automotive restoration. They help clients choose the most viable solution to prepare surfaces for other applications.

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