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ExpertBells has Launched ROC Filing in Bangalore

2022-10-01 01:34:06 Legal / Law


ROC filing is an important step in any company. If any business or company fails to file annual returns with ROC, it will have to pay heavy penalties or fines. ExpertBells has started the service of ROC filing in Bangalore for every kind of company. This service is launched to help small businesses file returns with ROC.

MD of ExpertBells said at the launch event of the service, “We have commenced the work company ROC return filing in Bangalore for small businesses. We aim to help startups file their annual accounts and other financial statements with ROC. We want to let small businesses know their financial position by filing annual returns.

We will do all the work related to the annual e-filing ROC in Bangalore from start till the end. Our professionals will collect all the ID proofs and other necessary documents from the applicants. We will also check every document and annual account properly.

We have a smart team of professionals who will sign different forms such as AOC-4 and MGT 7. Apart from that, we will also check other important documents such as cost audit reports and balance sheets of new businesses. If there is an error in filing annual returns, we will notify you through SMS or call.
Our professionals will save you from heavy fines by filing annual accounts on due dates. We will bring transparency to your company by the timely filing of annual accounts and financial statements."
MD also shared at the event, “We provide the service of ROC filing online in Bangalore at affordable prices. We look after the full procedure of ROC filing compliance in Bangalore.”

About ExpertBells
ExpertBells is a reliable service provider of online ROC filing in Bangalore. It has a good industry experience in Company Annual Filing in Bangalore. The company carries out a quick and smooth procedure of Online Company Annual Filing in Bangalore for every kind of company.
The company is one of the best service providers of Company Annual Filing Online in Bangalore. It does not charge extra fees or additional charges in filing annual returns with ROC. Professionals will look into every document properly and file annual returns within the due date.
ExpertBells has helped many kinds of companies in filing Company Annual Return in Bangalore. It fulfills all the compliances and rules for smooth ROC filing eveyr year.

Company :-Expertbells

User :- janvi sharma


Phone :-07438997438

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