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How Can Domestic Violence Lawyers Help You?

2022-10-01 03:08:05 Legal / Law


Domestic violence is a terror that affects many women in Sydney, Australia. A study released in August 2016 found that 17% of women have experienced such violence. This number is likely much higher these days, as the study only surveyed women who had contact with services. Domestic violence (DV) can take various forms, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

It could happen to anyone irrespective of age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. Unfortunately, It is often a hidden crime as it occurs behind closed doors. Domestic violence lawyers Sydney can help you if you are a victim of this violence. Learn more about it here.


Domestic assaults can take on many kinds of forms. Physical assault is the most easily recognised form of DV. It includes any act that causes bodily harm or puts the victim in fear of being harmed. Physical violence includes slapping, punching, pushing, strangling, and using weapons to hurt the victim.

Emotional abuse is often more challenging to identify than physical abuse. Emotional abuse can be verbal, emotional, or psychological. Even though injury signs are not visible, the emotional abuse can be more hurting than physical abuse. This can leave the victim feeling isolated, helpless, and unworthy.

What Can a Lawyer Do?

If someone is a victim of DV, there are essential steps to protect herself and her loved ones. First, the affected people should seek help from qualified domestic violence lawyers in Sydney who can advise them on some best possible ways to proceed and help them obtain any necessary restraining orders.

An attorney could also help you file for divorce or child custody if necessary. If you're being threatened or harassed by your partner, it is essential to contact the police and have a record of the incidents documented. Taking these steps can help protect you from further abuse and ensure your rights are protected.

How to Find a DV Lawyer?

There are a few ways to find a domestic violence lawyer. One option could be to rely on your family or friends for referrals. Another option is to search online directories or websites that list DV advocates in your area. Finally, you should contact your local bar association or women's shelter for referrals.

When looking for a DV lawyer, it's essential to consider the lawyer's experience and qualifications. Be sure to query the lawyer's history with such cases and whether they have special training or certification in this field.
Finding an advocate with whom you feel comfortable working is also essential.

It Can Have Long-term Effects

Such assaults are a severe issue that can have long-term effects on victims. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that one in four women experiences it in her lifetime. The organisation also reports it is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44.

The effects of DV can be long-lasting and devastating. Victims can suffer physical injuries, such as bruises, broken bones, or even death. They may also experience emotional injuries, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These injuries can impact her relationships, work performance, and mental health.

It is vital to remember that DV is never the victim's fault. However, they should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to reach out for help. Many resources are available to victims, including hotlines, shelters, and counselling services.


Domestic abuse is a severe problem that can have long-lasting effects on victims. If you have been affected by such terrors, don’t hesitate to seek help from a legal professional. Reputed legal firms have their phone numbers open 24/7 to help the victims.


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