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2023-09-23 12:05:28 Health and Fitness


Applied Behavior Analysis is a tried and tested form of analysis and behavior modification that helps improve socially significant behaviors in people with autism, developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, and learning disorders. The practice uses positive reinforcement to help develop behaviors and skills that may be difficult without any intervention. If your child has autism and needs help improving their social skills, ABA may be the right choice.

How does ABA work to improve social skills?

ABA is highly adaptable and is a technique that can be adjusted to fit each person’s limitations, goals, strengths, and boundaries. No matter what level of social skills a person currently has, ABA can help them improve gradually and consistently over time.

The first step in this practice is analysis. An ABA therapist or behavior interventionist with assess the child and figure out what areas they need to improve first in order for other behaviors to develop down the line. This may be done in a 1:1 setting or with feedback from the child’s parent, caregiver, teacher, or other support person.

The next step is goal setting. Say, for example, the child is having difficultly sharing their toys during playtime at school. A goal might be getting to a point where the child automatically shares their toys without the promise of a reward or positive reinforcement. However, until that happens, a reward system may be implemented to encourage the child to practice the behavior.

Once a particular goal is met, or a period of time has passed, the child will be assessed again. Because children develop at a rapid rate, many goals may be set and met at once, while others may need more time or a different tactic to be met. They may develop some behaviors on their own over time or develop an interfering behavior that hinders their progress and requires an antecedent intervention. Whatever the case may be, ABA is capable of pivoting to meet the child where they are and continue in a positive direction.

How to find an ABA care center near you

Whether your child needs help developing social skills or requires an antecedent intervention to reduce environmental triggers, an ABA care center near you is the best place to start. To find one, simply search for the services you need in the area you are. For example, if you live in Los Angeles and you want to find help for social skills, look up, “help with social skills in autism Los Angeles,” to find clinics or therapy centers that specialize in developing social skills in autism. Los Angeles is home to many autism resources, so look for one that has experience in the type of ABA therapy you need. Likewise, if you want to more information about antecedent interventions, ABA Los Angeles clinics in your area that specialize in this practice should be at the top of your list. Simply search for “antecedent interventions ABA Los Angeles,” to find clinics near you.

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