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A webinar on Why having health insurance is beneficial was arranged by Sheer Quote

2022-08-08 03:46:28 Business


The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has adversely impacted people’s lives worldwide. As of 31 Dec 2020, 82 million people were infected due to the pandemic, and more than 1.8 million people lost their lives due to this life-threatening virus worldwide. But the daily increasing cases, lack of hospital facilities like non-availability of beds, lack of oxygen cylinders, medical expenses, and financial troubles all happened during the pandemic have taught us a lesson: the importance of health insurance. Yesterday, a webinar on Why having health insurance was beneficial was organized by Sheer quote to remind the people of the importance of health insurance and make them know the meritorious side of health insurance. The Sheer Quote makes health insurance comparison simple, quick, and accessible.

The Sheer Quote team hosted the webinar. More than 400 people joined the webinar online via zoom. One of the team members discussed the mental health situation of an ill person and their family members in a story form and gave practical, real-life examples. They also shared information on the benefits of having health insurance. The team discussed all the benefits like Coverage of medical expenses, lifetime renewability benefits, Financial security against rising medical costs, tax benefits, hospitalization allowances, and Cashless claim services.

After that, Health Insurance Manager at Sheer Quote explained all the types of Health Insurance, like Individual and family plans, Medicare, short-term goals, etc. She also explained the mistakes to be avoided while getting health insurance and guided very well. She also covered information on the Comparison of health insurance. In the end, a Q&A session was arranged, and all the questions of the attendees were answered very well by the Sheer Quote Team.

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