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2022-08-08 12:26:34 Business


Having a good relationship with credit is an important lesson for anyone to learn. It is an especially valuable lesson to learn if you run your own business. Just like personal credit, business credit is overseen by credit bureaus that use various scoring metrics to assess your company. These scores give banks and other institutions a good overview of your company and enables them to determine whether your company is worth investing extending capital toin. While your Experian business credit score might be slightly different from the other agencies, they all generally rank your business the sameExperian, Equifax, and Dun & Bradstreet are the main credit bureaus for business credit.

Business credit scores work in a similar manner to personal ones. The metrics used are a bit different and the scores themselves are on a different scale but, put simply, good credit makes your life easier. While your business and personal credit reports are separate, two of the major credit agencies, Equifax and Experian, run both. In theory, you could run an Experian business credit report separately from your personal one and have completely different results. It isn’t always necessary that your personal credit be in good shape to get good business credit, as the two credit files are kept separate..

You must keep a watchful eye on both your personal and business credit. However, there are specific reasons why making your business credit a priority is a good idea. The main two reasons to find out your Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, or Experian business credit score are:

1. Overhead costs. A better credit score can save you money, no matter if it’s your personal or business score. The better your score, the less likely you are to pay high interest rates on credit cards and loans. You are also less likely to encounter extra fees from banks or other companies that you do business with. If your credit isn’t good, those kinds of institutions might still do business with you but, they will almost certainly demand capital upfront as collateral. This might be okay if you have financial backers with deep pockets. If you’re an entrepreneur going at it alone, this could kill your company before it even gets started. Business startup costs are bad enough as it is, why would you make it harder on yourself? Finding out your Experian business credit score and make the path to success a little bit easier.

2. Good reputation. Your company’s good reputation might be worth more than capital. Maybe you have the money to pay the extra fees that come with bad credit, but your business won’t survive if people know your credit is bad. The other companies that you do business with will do a credit check on your business before they decide to sell you goods or services. If you run a restaurant and your produce supplier gives you bad terms because your credit is terrible, it affects your reputation. Secondly, unlike personal credit reports, business reports are public knowledgerecord. Prospective customers and employees can get access to your Experian business credit report. If your credit is bad, it might inform their decision whether or not to shop at your store or work with your office. Protect your reputation by knowing your business credit score.

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