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Gastro Delhi Launches Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery in Delhi

2023-05-28 03:22:09 Health and Fitness


Gastro Delhi provides gastrointestinal cancer surgery. It accommodates people in Delhi to get better gastrointestinal cancer treatment.

Gastro Delhi, a gastrointestinal clinic in Delhi, provides gastrointestinal cancer surgery in Delhi. The clinic releases this service because patients have to diagnose this problem with Ultrasonology. The head of the clinic explained, “When a person is suffering from pain in the right upper abdomen, they may suffer from gastrointestinal problems. The pain occurs due to the fatty food intakes that produce a high level of acid in the stomach. In the first level, patients don’t have to take surgery. When the symptoms develop and it makes them uncomfortable, they have to check the condition and let the doctor decide the best thing to do.” 


In 2018, 4.8 million gastrointestinal cancer cases were found, and 3.4 million couldn’t survive and die. This cancer occurs for almost 26% of total cancer in the world. Besides feeling uncomfortable in the upper abdomen, people will also lose their appetite and weight when they are diagnosed as suffering from gastrointestinal cancer. The head of the clinic explained, “Gastrointestinal cancer comes in several types, including stomach, pancreatic, liver, colorectal, and anal cancer. The exact cause of this cancer remains unknown. Based on the research, gastrointestinal cancer is caused by the DNA and the development of a tumour. The tumours spread to the nearby lymph nodes and other organs.”


Dr. Neeraj Goel is a professional GI surgeon in Delhi. The team will do several procedures, including examining the physic of the patient first. Then, they will continue the process to laboratory tests. Patients should take blood, urine, and stool tests in this phase. This clinic is also ready with other methods, including colonoscopy, endoscopy, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, and biopsy to detect gastrointestinal cancer. The head of the clinic described, “We may ask patients to have cancer surgery if the cancerous tissue is easy to reach. Our team suggests taking chemotherapy or radiation therapy, although the infected tissue is successfully removed. The therapies help to kill the malignant cells to prevent second growth. It also effectively gets rid of the cells that are difficult to reach.”


People also don’t need to get confused anymore if they are suffering from Gallbladder stones and need to have surgery immediately. This clinic is also a gallbladder stone surgery in Delhi that works based on the standards and procedures. It expects that the clinic can be one of the leading gastrointestinal clinics in Delhi that help people to get the best gastrointestinal medical treatments. 


About Gastro Delhi:

Gastro Delhi is a gastrointestinal surgery clinic in Delhi. It was founded by Dr. Neeraj Goel. They are ready to treat stomach cancer, liver disorders, gallstones, pancreatic diseases, large and small intestines, and oesophagus issues. 

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