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Mumbai Eye Care Introduces Multiple Cornea Treatment and Surgery in Mumbai

2023-09-20 08:00:17 Health and Fitness


Mumbai Eye Care is an eye care and treatment specialist in Mumbai. They provide corneal treatment  and surgery for a variety of corneal conditions that require treatment. The cornea surgery procedure at Mumbai Eye Care is performed by Dr. Jatin Ashar, a cornea specialist in Mumbai.

Ghatkopar, Mumbai - Mumbai Eye Care, a cornea specialist in Mumbai, introduces professional cornea surgery and treatment for various cornea diseases and conditions. Mumbai Eye Care Clinic is located in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, India. It has comprehensive facilities with experienced staff and an eye surgeon specialist. Dr. Jatin Ashar is an eye surgeon at Mumbai Eye Care with multiple specializations. He has many years of experience in performing eye treatment and surgery. Some of the specialties of Dr. Jatin include LASIK, cataract, corneal, and refractive surgery.

A Mumbai Eye Care representative explained about their corneal surgery services, "We have over  11 years of experience and a 99% success rate in performing corneal surgeries in Mumbai. Our surgeon Dr. Jatin Ashar is one of the best eye surgeons in Mumbai with a wide range of expertise. If you need help with your eye problems, you can call us on +91 8451045935 to make an appointment with Dr. Jatin Ashar."

Dr. JatinAshar, a cornea specialist in Mumbai, has been helping clients treat their corneas from diseases and conditions like Injuries/trauma, Eye allergies, Keratitis, Ocular herpes, Herpes zoster (shingles), Nutritional Deficiencies like Vitamin A, Corneal dystrophies, and more. Dr. Jatin Ashar said, "The cornea has an essential role for human vision. If you find your eyes are experiencing severe pain, redness, blurry/double vision, extreme sensitivity to light, you can consult with your eye specialist to get further treatment before it gets worse."

Additionally, at Mumbai Eye Care, Dr. JatinAshar can treat simple corneal conditions, or even advanced corneal diseases. Advanced corneal treatments are available at Mumbai Eye Care, including laser treatments, corneal transplant surgery, and artificial corneas. 

"Since birth I have had a white spot on my right eye which causes me to be unable to see with that eye. Dr. Jatin did my corneal transplant. As a result, not only the white spots disappeared, but also my vision improved," said Dr. Jatin Ashar's happy patient.

About Mumbai Eye Care

Mumbai Eye Care is a cornea specialist in Mumbai, India. Mumbai Eye Care has various eye care and treatment services for various eye diseases and conditions. Among them are Cataract surgery, Pediatric eye treatment, LASIK eye surgery, Corneal surgery, Retina surgery, Glaucoma treatment, etc. For further information and consultation, please call +91 8451045935 or visit

Company Name: Mumbai Eye Care

Contact Person: Dr. JatinAshar


Phone: +91 8451045935

Address:101/102, SaiVaibhav CHS, Nr.Vikrant Circle,

City: Ghatkopar (East)

State: Mumbai-400077

Country: India


Company :-Mumbai Eye Care

User :- Dr. JatinAshar


Url :-

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