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2022-06-27 02:21:28 Art & Entertainment

738 has been recently launched as a premium creative platform catering to make customized design templates accessible to professional artists. They provide 100000+ templates to choose from to create quirky yet vintage designs for posters, wallpapers, clothing etc. from organic and recycled fabric. The variety and quality make it a delight for DIY artists.
This initiative is a first-of-its-kind in the design space. Pixemix is being likened to the Pinterest of professional artists looking for design templates for a variety of occasions and purposes. A few of the unique traits of this platform include the addition of new designs on a daily basis, availability of designs in digital, print and fabric forms and licensed designs- to name a few. The diversity of business at Pixemix is being anticipated as one of the reasons for many trades benefitting from its presence. The brand is targeting to create a new niche, as such a wide platform for designs for multiple purposes and occasions are something that is largely unseen in the design arena.
As an organization, the employees at are a group of committed individuals having the vision to empower entrepreneurial journeys, boost independence, reduce cost, keep organizations lean & future-ready, multiply revenues, bridge global audiences and enable the strong community to connect.


User :- Lisa Sharma


Phone :-+91 9606451208

Mobile:- +91 9606451209

Url :-


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