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Laboratory Credentialing Services Made Easy for Texas Healthcare Providers

2023-05-26 06:47:56 Health and Fitness


Cosmos medical credentialing services is a leading medical management service provider company providing credentialing solutions to all the health care providers. It has developed a world class healthcare Laboratory credentialing system and networks. Cosmos simplifies administrative data exchange between payers and providers. The laboratory credentialing services enables physicians to satisfy the credentialing needs of all participating health care establishments by submitting their Laboratory credentials one time to our system. Information can be updated anytime through the convenience of the Web. The secure service makes it possible for physicians and their office staffs to spend just a few minutes each quarter to confirm that their Laboratory credentialing information is complete and accurate.

On general basis physicians face the redundant and time-consuming affair of credentialing or re-credentialing with individual health plans once every three years. During this timeframe, information often becomes out-dated. The cosmos medical management system provides a time-saving solution that helps ensure data is up-to-date for credentialing and payment processing, and for use in health plans.

Laboratory Credentialing is a cumbersome procedure mandatory for all healthcare provider establishments hiring and on-boarding clinicians to prove they possess the requisite credentials to practice medicine. In credentialing, provider establishments liaise directly with individuals, and other establishments to verify their new laboratory’s licenses, degrees, training, peer references, certifications and more. Though many aspects of this process are digitized, much of the process is still manual, requiring staff time to individually contact establishments, search databases, and cross-check records. Meanwhile, new laboratories cannot bill patients for facility until all credentials have been verified. By choosing Cosmos you help providers acquire the data quickly, that they need from original sources, cut down on the often months-long credentialing process, and gain laboratory practice and billing sooner.

In addition to laboratory credentialing services, healthcare provider enrolment is another tedious task that slows down healthcare administration. For establishments building robust physician networks enrolling laboratory clinicians into those networks requires regular management of healthcare provider data. Cosmos medical management enables a more centralized storehouse of up-to-date, accurate provider data and eases transactions between laboratory clinicians and other entities for smoother, more efficient data exchange.

“Going one step closer, Cosmos has streamlined the lifecycle of healthcare provider medical management and simplify these administrative processes end to end. “

Company :-Cosmos Medical Management, LLC

User :- Renu Gattani


Phone :-(866)289-7063

Mobile:- (918)261-4342

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