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Denver Massage Spa Zen'd Out Announces Memorial Day Special

2022-06-24 02:25:59 Health and Fitness


Memorial Day is a holiday when we remember Americans who fell in battle, originally to preserve the Union in the Civil War, and later to defend democracy in Europe and elsewhere. Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend also celebrates the beginning of summer and getting outdoors. Here in Denver and the nearby country, that means hiking and biking, lake swimming, or strolling and taking in the sights. “However, you plan to spend your summer, get off to a good start with us,” says Maria Acuna, owner and senior therapist at Denver’s Zen’d Out Massage Spa. “If you’ve been exercising hard, we can melt away the soreness in your muscles. Or if you’re on a start-of-summer getaway after weeks of work, we can soothe the knots out of your neck and shoulders and get you
ready for fun. Either way, remember to relax!”

Zen’d Out is distinctive for its focus on massage for couples as well as for the advanced and diverse skills of its therapists. This diversity of technique means that each partner can specify exactly the kind of massage they want, then experience it side by side.

Here are the details of the Memorial Day package:

• 60-minute Full Body Massage of your choice; Swedish, deep tissue, or sports massage
• Facial Treatment of your choice. Hydrotherapy, Antiaging treatment, or CBD Mud treatment.
• Himalayan Hot Stone Treatment: heated rocks will provide you with extra relaxation, easing tension and bringing the healing. relaxing benefits of the stone
• Aromatherapy, to take you on a journey of deeper relaxation
• Champagne or a cocktail and strawberry and chocolates at the end for total bliss

Company :-Zend Out Couples Massage Spa

User :- Maria Acuna


Phone :-3036562944

Url :-


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