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WebRedas Elaborates on Blue Ocean SEO Strategy

2022-06-23 12:15:46 Business


16th May, 2022; Kolkata:Yesterday, at an eventful evening in Kolkata, Webredas announced using Blue Ocean Strategy for digital marketing. The event was organized by the digital marketing company Kolkata to highlight the features and benefits of this new strategy.

“Some of you may have heard ‘Blue Ocean strategy’ but I guess only a few have read the book. Today, I consider myself fortunate to talk about it”, the CEO said in his opening speech. “SEO, in its current form and features, should be called a ‘Red Ocean Strategy’. It is kind of a fixed mindset game. It always starts with customers in mind. We strike conversations with each of our clients and try to figure out a better solution to promote their brands. A valuable insight into the client’s products/services and perspectives helps us get there where we can discover and develop a strong and sustainable strategy.

The clients, just like us, keep a watchful eye on what their competitors are doing. If someone has added more links, you know what their next demands will be. Fortunately, some have good knowledge about SEO. They understand that things don’t work that way. They demand rank promotion and give a free hand to the marketing companies to do whatever way their needs are achieved. Our company gives our clients liberty to choose from Red Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Strategy. We explain both before giving them the choice”.

The CEO explained Blue Ocean Strategy as “more content-focused”. “However, that’s not all. The content must relate to reality. It should be authentic. People love storytelling. But when it comes to story, they always choose reality over fantasy. They want to read the real examples with wild setting. A company can come up with the blue ocean strategy only if it knows its customers and can figure out its measurable success. Once the strategy is perfectly planned and executed, you can see steady improvement in ranking.

I would like to disclose another observation. With improvement in a site’s ranking, the average time on page also increases. However, it’s my observation and I’m not going to suggest that these two are intimately related. In other words, if visitors stay on your page longer, it won’t necessarily improve your website’s ranking”. Throughout his speech, he asserted the importance of good content. Other speakers also echo his thoughts. “If content is good, it will not go unnoticed, rather attract more links. It’s an organic streaming of links and we don’t force them into a content.

In other words, links are created as byproducts of good contents”, explained the senior-most digital marketing executive. Content is the real king in the internet marketing. If it is original, authentic, error-free and engaging, links are bound to flow in.

We are innovating new ideas for a dramatic style in making a website. This is considered to be one of the unique propositions to make it worthy of investing. We are the new future of every one who want to enter in web.

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