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OneCare Steadfasts HealthTech Benefits With Innovative Fitness Tracker for Senior Citizens

2022-09-26 07:02:35 Health and Fitness


Batesville, Indiana: The CareWatch launched by OneCare is set to diminish the age-tech gap while redefining wearable technology for seniors.

The prevalence of technology has changed the purpose of its origination in the first place, i.e., to simplify man’s life. When it comes to wearable fitness gears and smartwatch technology, their use case somehow ends up being restricted to a “fancy gimmick” or a “status symbol.”

OneCare, a reputed healthcare administrator, and home healthcare service provider, has resolved the issue with their recent launch of the health monitor watch. With a user interface and design explicitly catering to the senior population, the company has successfully thwarted the age-old notion of the elderly not being compatible with the technology.

The commercial smartwatches only covered the superficial aspects of health. However, as far as our older generation is concerned, parameters like pedometer, sleep tracking, and heart rate only help them so far. Connectivity and communication are the biggest challenges for seniors who stay alone or away from their families. The CareWatch addressed every shortcoming while catering to the specific needs of elderly living.

It comes with a Guardian App and a Care Club Community membership, thereby, answering the elderly loneliness that happens with aging.

Dedicated to taking care of the older loved ones, especially those living with chronic conditions, the CareWatch offers continuous connection and engagement while promoting health and wellbeing through the following features:

Emergency alerts for fall detection; a panic button for safe zone monitoring
Using dominant cellular carrier for constant connectivity without relying on smartphone
Customizable in different color formats for band
Useful analytics with insightful data including sleep time, daily steps, and heart rate monitoring, SPO2, glucose, scale and more
Custom notifications for situations unique to the user’s health (for instance- sending alerts for when grandpa’s heart rate goes above 135 bpm)
Wearer alerts including sending reminders for medication

The advanced, caregiver-centric, remote health monitor watch offers a simpler, easier, and more effective way for caregivers to connect, engage and watch over family members, patients, residents or even employees.

The complete CareWatch package allows users to share stories, videos, and feedback to reward the user with a holistically fulfilling experience while building real relationships with like-minded people.

Learn more about the CareClub membership and the senior smartwatch on their official website.

About OneCare:
OneCare is a leading advanced home healthcare service provider and the first to promote the concept of Care-As-A-Service through its innovative fitness tracker for seniors. Headquartered in Batesville, Indiana, the company envisions becoming a cornerstone of the caring economy while promoting taking care of each other through technology, and improving the quality of life.

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