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NounQ Technologies Announces Digital Marketing Services With An Affordable Price Range

2022-06-28 08:42:55 Business


Madurai, India / May 16, 2022: The Madurai-based company NounQ Technologies announced that they are doing digital marketing services with an affordable price range. The company started on 31 st December 2021 and focused on the activities related to digital marketing services. Within a short time, they can able to create their own unique talent in online advertising. This brings them into one of the top positions in the related field.
The company started with the partnership of Balakrishnan Gnanaprakash, Baskaran Punith Kumar, and Mohana Sundaram. NounQ started with a paid capital of 15 lakh and now its turnover is around 10 crore. Such a massive growth shows their dominance in the field of digital marketing services. Having a team of skilled experts, they are able to strategically target growth-oriented services to increase the revenue of their clients.

Now the company announces digital marketing services comparatively at a lesser price, which actually helps the small scale businesses. During an interview with NounQ's CEO, he explained that he wants the company to be able to provide its services to every type of business, large and small. If a well-known agency, with the potential to raise your brand, is reducing a price, that's great.

The increased number of users on the internet actually placed digital marketing services as a valuable field. In this modern world, it is essential to focus every business on online marketing. If anyone wants to purchase an item or take the services, nowadays they will first take a look on online media, and then take the decision based on that. This increases the importance of online advertising and it plays a crucial role in bringing high revenue to your business.

It is hard to succeed on online platforms if you don't do your digital marketing services properly. For doing it correctly, there are a lot of potential agencies. This agency actually reduces the work for your business and gives a proper ROI through digital marketing. Selecting an online marketing service provider is not that much easy, for that you must consider a lot of factors.

Being the Best Digital Marketing Agency, “NounQ” can have the caliber to place your online visibility always on the top by providing Quality Marketing Solutions for your Business. They provide all digital marketing services like search engine optimization(SEO), social media marketing(SMM), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and so on. If you are a person who is seeking a digital marketing service, then this is the right platform. From NounQ you can find the best digital marketing experts and their world’s first-class service.
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