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iAds-MGram Transforming the way Banks generate Product Revenues

2022-06-24 10:48:27 Business


Indonesian banks are building on the digital banking momentum with Indosat Ooredoo iAds-MGram powered by moLotus. The breakthrough mobile video customer interaction service has digitally disrupted banking processes; influencing customer preferences, engagement, and revenue generation.

iAds-MGram powered by moLotus has opened up new product revenue generation opportunities for Indonesian Banks via the promotion of Credit Card usage, Loan Approvals, Deposit Drives, and Retail Transactions. This year's potential volume for the usages is 3 million Credit Cards, 4 million Deposits, 3 million Loan Processes, and 4 million Retail Transactions.

Historically, Indonesian Financial Markets have been experiencing persistently slow deposit growth, low credit growth, low margins, slow revenue growth, and increasing competition. The iAds-MGram fueled disruption is poised to do away with all such challenges.

Banks are now better equipped to entice customers to apply for credit cards, streamline and personalize the customer onboarding process, reach the cardholders with the latest and greatest reward programs, and much more.

They are at a significant advantage in promoting quick loan approvals with instant document submission and faster loan processing; growing deposits from existing customers and converting new customers to boost deposits.

Prioritizing product revenue generation key banking players in Indonesia like CIMB, BCA, Mandiri, HSBC, DBS, BSI, and UOB are running unique iAds-MGram campaigns including Cash On Demand, Promo and Voucher & Code, Exclusive Promotion, Credit Card and Bundle Promotion.

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