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Alchemy Personal Training Addresses Online Health and Fitness Misinformation

2022-09-27 07:45:15 Health and Fitness


Wilmslow, UK — Starting out a body transformation journey may not be easy for most people, especially for those who never really engaged in regular physical activity. To find a guide, most of them tend to resort to the internet to search for the information they need pertaining to the best diet plan and the most effective workout regimen. Despite the existence of credible sources, however, some people may come across contradictory health and fitness information, leaving them perplexed as to what is the best training approach for them. In fact, in a meta-analysis of 79 studies evaluating the quality of online health data, 70% concluded that health information on the internet was problematic. Given that quality of general health information online cannot be guaranteed, it will be entirely up to people to evaluate and discern what they read.

Unfortunately, this may bring more harm than good. According to recent studies, although only 3% of people reported being harmed or reported knowing someone who was harmed by health information found online, it could be possible that they are not being noticeably injured by these sources.

To address online health and fitness misinformation and avoid its harmful effects, owner and master trainer of Alchemy Personal Training (Alchemy PT) Rufus Maxwell Bradshaw encourages people to instead engage in personal training, stating, “at Alchemy we are constantly analysing such information and making sense of it for our clients, plus we have a data bank of knowledge built up over the last decade when we have spent thousands of hours training people just like you, we know what works and we emphasise a lifestyle approach not an adherence to any current fad or diet.”

Personal trainers at Alchemy PT conduct a health and well-being assessment on their clients before engaging them in personal training sessions to ensure that they only follow the most efficient workout and diet plan. They analyse their clients' current eating habits, posture, fitness, and flexibility in order to establish a clear body transformation goal and determine the most accurate methods to help them achieve it.

Why is this important?

Conducting assessments help personal trainers and coaches in developing the proper workout and diet regimen according to the body mechanics of their clients. Unlike relying on online health and fitness information that are likely to be inaccurate, this allows people to follow only legitimate fitness plans that are customized according to the capacities and limitations of their bodies, thereby reducing the likelihood of harm and injuries.

Aside from this, Alchemy PT houses only the best personal trainers in Wilmslow, ensuring that those who handle training sessions are indeed qualified at helping people achieve their health, fitness, and well-being goals. Among others, they have trainers who specialize in sports, catering to the sports-specific training and diet needs of athletes and those looking to engage in one. Moreover, Alchemy PT adheres to a gold standard, only having trainers who possess excellent backgrounds and skill sets that would enable clients to gain reliable health and fitness insights from highly qualified professionals.

If you are looking to engage in a reliable and bespoke workout and diet plan, book your free assessment at Alchemy PT here:

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