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New Collection of Shimmering Brass JewellerY is Live on The Advitya

2022-06-27 12:48:21 Art & Entertainment


Brass has long been used in jewellery to create beautiful and elegant pieces. In ancient times, it was pounded by hand on an anvil with a hammer. The rough texture of the hand forged brass creates unique variations between pieces, while the golden colour has always been a draw for many customers over the centuries. Lightweight and twinkling in the sunlight, these drop shapes are truly timeless brass jewellery online that I've aptly named ‘Ros’ from Latin: 'Rosa' meaning dewdrop.
Inspired by the rare, beautiful materials and textures that once adorned the ancient jewelry normally reserved for those in power and wealth, this range has a sense of permanence and endurance. The antique brass jewelry looks richly antique or a golden-age old fashioned piece that might adorn the wrists of royalty or an actor's awards during ceremonies.
'Plastic' and 'petroleum'are not ingredients used in creating my jewellery, nor are they found in the packaging it comes encased in. The beaten brass is solid and raw, and can be left to weather naturally or kept to a shine by occasional cleaning with a jewellery cleaning cloth. The French hook style ear wire is also solid brass.
Our handmade brass jewelry will always be the center of attention. We specialize in creating fashionable designs that even the most discerning customer will be pleased to wear. Our unique line of jewelry is inspired by our fascination with the ancient cultures that once thrived. You can count on us for quality designs without breaking a sweat!
This brass cuff has been hammered, textured, and polished by skilled workers who use their hands throughout the manufacturing process. Through each step, a master polisher gently sands the metal down so it will eventually shine on its own accord.
There is a very good reason why all of our jewelry is handmade here in India - quality and attention to detail. Every piece is made with love, care and attention to design, choice of materials and craftsmanship - a true showcase for the jewelry industry. We want our amazing customers to know that when they shop at The Advitya, they're getting a genuine piece that's as unique as they are.
With this range of brass metal jewellery online- inspired by the textures of ancient crafted metalwork (think Celtic hollow-cast brooches) - we bring graphic contemporary angular shapes to fairly minimalist solitaire designs, finished with a 'warm' burnish. The look is tailored but never dull and is perfect for adding that finishing touch to your summer wardrobe.
The brass is flattened to look like a sheet of gold and joined with plated rings. The earrings are suspended from a solid brass French hook. A solid brass kidney wire is also an option if you want an alternative to the regular wire, for example because you want a more delicate look and feel. Brass and copper are both metals that oxidize quickly and can result in a tarnished and dull finish give enough time. If polished regularly, this should prevent any marks being left on the skin but it's still inevitable that a mark can be left over time if not properly maintained. These marks occur naturally and are actually not dangerous in any way but only produce a greenish tint as opposed to other colors or types of metals.

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