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Metaverse start-up announces partnership with prominent Moroccan production studio

2022-06-29 09:18:38 Business


London, UK – May, 2022 – UK-based Web3 startup CARTEL™ announces a partnership with Image Factory, a Moroccan-based production studio specializing in creating stunning visual graphics for TV, film, and advertising.

Owned by UK-based Coodeh Limited, CARTEL™ is a next-generation identity platform. It enables users to aggregate all of their social media links, bio, work experience, products, and services they have to offer, all in one 3D-style personal homepage.

Founded in 2004, Image Factory is a leading provider of innovative visual graphics, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) solutions. The Image Factory team has a wealth of experience creating high-quality visuals and animation for various purposes, including product development, marketing communications, and training simulations.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Image Factory," said CARTEL™ Creative Director Salma Rezqi. "Their experience and expertise in creating visually stunning graphics will be a valuable asset as we continue to grow our platform and tell a new story in the metaverse."

CARTEL™ Founder Troy Cooke says his platform is created with the goal of becoming an identity provider for the metaverse, where people can buy and sell virtual assets, experiences, and services.

"We want to be the identity provider for the metaverse, where people can buy and sell virtual assets, experiences, and services," said Cooke, adding that users can gain access to the platform by buying one of the company's NFTs via

"We provide the most beautiful way to present yourself online and our partnership with Image Factory will help us achieve that goal by creating Pixar-level 3D content such as character design and product launch videos, that will help us compete in the metaverse."

Image Factory says it is excited to be working with CARTEL™ and looks forward to helping the platform grow.

"We are excited to be working with CARTEL™ and help them build the best possible experience for their users," said Image Factory Co-Founder and Director Hinda Sikkal. "We believe that our partnership will help CARTEL™ become the leading identity provider in the metaverse."

According to Image Factory, independent creators are also choosing its metaverse-inspired content marketing. One of these creatives is Ramin Hoodeh, a TEDx speaker and the author of the spiritual fiction book “The Proposition”, dubbed “2021’s hottest spirituality book”.

The book’s metaverse world was designed by the Moroccan studio to immerse future readers in the story’s fantastical setting in the Garden of Eden, luring them into a beautiful landscape inspired by ancient Roman art. The Proposition has now become a bestseller in Amazon’s Metaphysical category, receiving raving reviews.

With the metaverse growing more popular by the day, it’s no surprise that Image Factory is in hot demand by businesses and creatives alike who want to create high-quality, engaging content that will captivate their audiences. With all these new technological opportunities for creatives and brands alike to connect with consumers like never before, Image Factory in Morocco has certainly paved the way for future production studios to follow.

Media Contact:
Troy Cooke.
Founder, CARTEL™


User :- Phillip Fleck



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