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Like A Bossanova Home Begins Shipping Groundbreaking Cat Valet Tray

2022-06-29 10:20:29 Home and Family


Like A Bossanova Home has begun shipping their first new product Cat Valet Tray. The new valet tray features a cat shape artistic desk design with matte luster leather material on the outside and soft inner material on the inside that is easy to fold for assembling. In addition, the tray has brass-colored antique-style hooks that clip and unclips to flat for easy storage. This tray serves as a focal point to know where your stuff is and also added interior decoration.

“This is our 1st product design that shows the excellence that LABH represents. If you are tired of constantly losing things, this product will help you remember your stuff all the time! Cat Valet Tray is a multifunction leather tray that can be used as a jewelry tray organizer, desk accessories, key tray, dice tray, catchall tray, etc. You put all your everyday essentials in one place. It is pretty stylish looking and big enough for all things to be put away. So much easier to find everything in one place. It takes only 30 seconds to clip the corners together, and voila, you have a cat-looking storage tray that looks great in your bedroom!”, explained John Duffield, CEO of Like A Bossanova Home.

The company’s Cat Valet leather Trays are favored by people around the world due to their unique designs and unrelenting quality. More information on the Cat Valet Tray is available on Amazon,

About Like A Bossanova Home

Like A Bossanova Home specializes in the best variety of home décor, home accessories, storage & organizers, and great selections for every gifting occasion. Like a Bossanova Home products can be found on Amazon and Etsy. Other LABH products Curated interior décor items such as lighting fixtures, closet, and kitchen accessories can also be purchased directly from

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